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Craft Master (UPDATED)

Article Publish : 02/16/2024 20:00
Edited by silvermistr at 02/17/2024 22:05

Dear players,

This is for those who opened post about unable to collect their Overall prizes in Craft Master. Someone already opened a post about it when it happened, the event was broken on day 1 - you can collect the ranking even though the event was still active. If you already collected it on that day, you won't be able to collect it anymore. I know this for sure since I have two different characters to test the bug, one for before and another for after the fix.

Those who collected will have their Collect button inactive by the end of the event:

And those who did not collect on day 1 will be able to collect the prize just fine:

I'm not trying to scold you all but when the event is broken - Collect button is active when it's not supposed to be, please don't take advantage of the bug and report the issue as soon as you can. This event is not what I usually spend on to get tycoon points, so I didn't catch the bug faster. In the end, the devs are to be blamed but truly, don't give them too much credit. Sorry, I should not say this as a mod but I'm just so tired nowadays. Anyways, I will discuss with them what they will do about this. I honestly don't know what will happen. For now, just keep a screenshot of your final rank and make sure your in-game name and server name/number are visible. Thanks.

02-17-2024 UPDATE !!!

It has been decided that if you didn't collect when the event was broken, those in Top 5 ranking and/or have 10,000 pts and above will be compensated individually. The event has been extended one more day, so please take the screenshot of your Overall Ranking if you fulfilled all conditions. Lastly, if you haven't done it yet, please open your own post and provide the screenshot, so I can proceed with the reports. Thank you.

P.S. Please remember that only Adv. Prizes will be sent to you as Perfect Philosopher's Stone cannot be kept once event is over.