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Why would the developers do something (else) to make the game less playable?

Article Publish : 02/13/2024 00:54
Edited by jthweatt at 02/13/2024 05:50

I write this knowing the developers have carte blanche to do anything they want to change the game without repercussions, and it will be explained away with "the developers can do whatever they want."

But I'd really like to get a substantive gameplay reason for why the 10K item sets were removed from Djinni's Merchants. Fortunately, they appear to have gotten the Caravan listings wrong; the 1K item sets cost what they used to cost and don't cost what the 10K item sets used to cost. But the 10K item sets are now nowhere to be found. Do they realize how hard this makes it to spend 80K darics on useful items to get the top rewards? It's completely unconscionable.

Edited to Add: This one worked out. Who knows what the next actual bad thing the developers will be? Stay tuned.