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Wheel of Luck did not award points for using 400+ points to spin turbo wheel

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Article Publish : 10/20/2020 15:23

This is an unacceptable situation: spin the turbo wheel for 50 points, 4 times, yet did not receive a single point added to the 421 I already had in the store for use. Was trying to increase that store point total to allow me to purchase the 4 Amazon Hunter icons, of which I have none and am a weak player with no strong heroes, still. Now I've used all except 49 points for spinning the wheels in future and have nothing to show for the 4 x 50 spins in turbo mode so I'm just ticked off to the point I don't want to continue trying to play this frustratingly bugged game. There isn't even an adequate way to get compensated or have my totals in point store corrected, and future prospects zilch, now, for having a strong hero when I should already have been able to acquire the 4 Amazon hunter icons already and be on my way in a much stronger BR position. Please correct my point totals for the loss I endured just within the past 2 hours.