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Whale Wars: CCS Adamant Fortress

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 11/20/2023 22:49

The Adamant Fortress loomed large in the distance. Warriors from servers far and wide had already begun to gather. Staking their claim on the little bit of real estate that will get them a shot of becoming Conqueror. I had a nervous excitement flowing through me. This CCS, like all of them really, would be different. I was on a server with some alliance members who are very strong rally leaders. There was no need to search for allies, my allies were already with me. I pondered how my very first CCS was the only CCS, till now, that I did not have to leave my alliance to play. It’s funny how things come full circle.

R0nY is our main rally lead. I remember the first time I joined FDH for ccs, their strong players noted that he was the only threat on the field that day. He is incredibly strong, and I enjoy watching him play.

Hadzy was our second rally lead. He is another player I have enjoyed watching play. You can really learn a lot from the people further along the game than you are.

As I glance around at the giants around me, it is hard not to feel smaller than I am. Lol Our mission was simple; get in, get kills, and get those juicy battle diamonds. No need to conquer. We couldn’t if we wanted to as one of our members already got that title on another map.

We found a nice spot next to FDH who had a small contingent of players. I saw some familiar names from having joined them for ccs on several occasions.

KAC, like FDH also had a small contingent of players. They couldn’t win conqueror on this map either.

AIA had a large showing on the map.

RRH (One of our allies in AOW) also had a very large contingent on the map.

FUK, ARM, HHH had a few castles that had joined in the fun as well. All in all it was a pretty crowded map. A pleasant surprise considering how many immersive events have been happening lately. My concerns of an empty CCS faded.

With CCS, having an objective is essential. If you want to be conqueror, you will play differently than if you were just going in for eliminations. To conquer you need to have the longest hold time in the castle. It sounds simple, but it changes hands so fast. Before your eyes tell your brain, who is holding the castle, a new owner has it. Eliminations are a bit easier. You just do solo hits if you can, or rally. Best to wait for a reinforced castle so there are eliminations to get lol. Timing plays a key role too. Each new owner gets a 10 second bubble. If your rally hits that bubble, it is wasted. So, knowing the moment to hit becomes very important when chasing the battle diamonds.

The stage was set, all that was left was for the shenanigans to begin. The initial melee for the Adamant Fortress began with the castle flipping hands with incredible speed. R0nY and Hadzy watched unbothered and undeterred for their moment to jump into the fray. KAC had taken hold of the castle and was beginning to send reinforcements. R0nY called for a rally. We responded quickly, time is of the essence. The question was not would R0nY win the fight, it was more will another rally knock them out before we get there. Relying on his instincts, R0nY picked his moment, and our troops took off towards the Adamant Fortress. Other rallies from factions all around the map were also moving to this target. I began to calculate in my head if we would make it before KAC was removed from the castle. It can be frustrating to put together a rally and send only for it to bounce off a bubble when the castle changes hands. No kills, wasted speed ups and missed opportunities are the enemy when you are pushing for eliminations for the battle diamonds. R0nYs experience had taught him to trust his gut and that paid off for our little contingent of NFI on the map.

R0nYs hit was hard, knocking those who had been in the fortress out and taking it as his own. But we were not here to be conquerors so there was no need to reinforce.

Hadzy also began to call for rallies. His strength is very impressive to a hoffit like me. He too was able to win the fights he chose to pick that day.

Both of our rally leaders continued to call for rallies, sending out the marches. We had some misses where we would bounce off the dang bubble. We did however, have many more successes.

As the match was winding down, R0nY checked with us to make sure we had secured enough eliminations to get the maximum battle diamonds. We had; in fact I had gotten way more than what I needed. We began to take our leave, mission accomplished. We set off to prepare for Endless in the Lost Realms.

By the end of the match KAC technically had the longest hold time, but like us they could not win the title of conqueror having secured it on one of the other maps.

Conqueror then fell to RRH our allies in AOW.

At the end of the match, I had lost about 7 million power. I gained a good amount of Merit, millions of battle tokens but not a lot of bravery tokens (I didn’t die enough lol). I got my max battle diamonds as well which was the main objective after all.