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Glorious Battle - A day in battle- L. Merchant 2& L. Military 2

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 11/20/2023 02:40

Once Again, the land of GoTWiC was engaging in a grand event known as Glorious Battle. During this 7-day battle, kingdoms joined forces to fight for control over different regions of the land. Our kingdom, k157, was one of the many kingdoms that came together with other kingdoms to form Tempest Faction.

The Tempest faction was determined to give it all they had in the Glorious Battle and try and claim the seat of honor for themselves. However, they faced some tough competition from two main rival factions: Longreach and Shadow. Among these, Shadow was the most fearsome, thanks to their DEP alliance and many maxed accounts. This time around, unlike last time, all the alliances were divided into 3 factions(last season there were 8 ), But we weren't afraid. We trained hard and made a plan to do our best to win. When the battle started, we fought bravely and took over several buildings from the other regions. They fought back hard, but we didn't give up. As the days went on, we kept fighting and gaining more and more ground. It was tough, but we worked together and supported each other. We knew we had to be careful, especially against Shadow, so we defended our territory while still attacking them.


Faction rewards-

Individual ranking rewards-

After our successful defense of Fortress 4, Longreach declared war on two of our buildings- L. Military 2 and L. Merchant 2. Owning a military city grants you a marching bugle every 12h, which can be used to transport resources or troops to any city on the map, owning a merchant city allows you to own 150 shops for trading. They were set on taking them and causing us as much damage as they could ( can u feel the love?…lol). The fight was about to start and troops from both sides were marching into both locations, Our troops were marching to defend what was theirs and our enemy's troops were marching to try and take it. Will they succeed in their mission or will we be able to successfully defend once again? Defending on two fronts at the same time isn't an easy task, leaders need to think how is best to divide their troops to achieve the best outcome possible and to ensure success or at least reduce casualties.

    The fight began and we saw some great attacks from both factions, Syntrax(j4z) from Longreach faction arrived at the L. Merchant 2, he was proven to be a strong player, as he was fending off our defense, and he had reached over 70 kills ( impressive, I have to say) before he was defeated and was sent back to base for some much needed heals. The battle was intense, It would seem that Longreach had the upper hand, Logic(UTB) was hitting our fighters one by one, they were all bouncing back, bruised and hurt. He had almost 50 kills before he was bounced back to base. His teammate Croner had some good hits as well, he was able to achieve a 15-kill streak. Things are going great for Tempest…. Can they come back from this?

The Tempest faction knew that they had to be careful. They could not afford to lose any of the regions they had fought so hard to conquer. They had to maintain their momentum while also defending their gains from the enemy attacks. Meanwhile, at L. Military 2, Jackdaws(N30) stood at the frontline, waiting for any enemy forces approaching the gates and trying to enter. He was doing well at that, he was determined to be the wall that stops the enemy. He wasn't doing this alone, hit allies also helped him, they attacked the enemy wherever they could, and the lines of enemy bouncing back were growing large. Tempest was putting up a good defense there. Both BornToDie(N30) and Rockenoob(WTF) were getting a 15-kill streak, but then Mandy IV( UTB) arrived and they were bounced back, Mandy was killing it and having successful hits against Tempest troops. That is until she had to face the one and only, Meridianos(N3O)!

Meri( as we call him) was ready for battle, his troops were ready, and his dragon flew next to him, spreading his wings, ready to breathe fire at the enemy. The enemy troops started to arrive, they saw Meri was waiting for them and some were excited at the chance to take him on and some wished they could turn around and not face him. They arrived and the fight was on, one by one Meri hit them and they were sent back to base as they lost the battle against him, they were badly hurt, while Meri took little to almost no damage at all. He was able to defeat almost 50 deployments before retreating to renew his weapons and giving others a chance to participate at the fight as well.

This wasn't an easy battle, we took some hits and suffered some losses, The enemy was determined to defeat us and take our buildings from us and they kept sending more and more troops to fight us and try to occupy the Fortress. We did our best to stand tall and strong despite their best efforts. At L. Merchant 2, things were starting to turn in Longreach's favor, the bar that shows who's in control was starting to turn green. This wasn't going in Tempest's favor, could it be that fighting two fronts is a bit too much for them? As the battle progressed, the bar turned more and more green (Lordsbane color) and it seemed that we were about to lose that building, We tried our best, but the enemy sent some powerful fighters and they got the best of us and at the end of this battle, they were able to take full control over it. 

The battle for Merchant City may be over, but the battle for the military city was very much alive, Sparta VI( WxC) from Longreach arrived and he was fighting some Tempest soldiers Tempests, he was able to reach over 80 kills( wow) before he was defeated and was sent back to his base…is this an indication for the rest of the battle? Will Longreach take this building as well? Mandy IV was back as well, and he also had a good run at us, After he was done, Steel96(FDH) came to the fight and was also able to kill 60 of our fighters and send them back to base, after that he went back to his base himself, pretty proud of his achievement, no doubt about that, I can tell you how proud Thor Storm(J4Z) must have felt after his 50 straight kills of Tempest's troops.

Wait a minute….is that a green color I see at the bar above? Oh no… is Longreach taking over another building? Tempest already lost Merchant 2, are they going to lose Military 2 as well? Do they have what it takes to shift things back to their favor?

Tempest leaders and most trusted generals saw what was happening and they immediately dispatched more troops and more strong commanders. They were not giving up, they knew what had to be done and they took action. Slowly but surely the bar was turning more and more orange, enemy troops were being sent back to base and once again Tempest was back in control. Steel was back and he had some success, until he met Meri, Now Meri is at the front, ready to defend, which he did with over 30 kills of enemy troops. Time was passing and Tempest troops were doing well at defending the building. With only 5 minutes left to fight, it became pretty clear that Longreach attempt to take the military was about to fail.

The battle of this day was intense, with armies engaging in battle and weapons raised in the air, swords, and arrows. But we fought with all we had, knowing that the fate of the Glorious Battle was at stake. We didn't have it easy today, we suffered some heavy losses and we lost L. Merchant 2, but with hard work and some brave fighting, we were able to keep L. Military 2. Once the battle for the merchant city was over, Tempest immediately declared war on it, we needed it back, otherwise our path would be blocked. we will do our very best to take it back.

The battle may have been tough, but it was also an unforgettable experience that brought us closer together as a team. We had a few more days of fighting, last days will be tough as there will be many battles at the same time. Do we have what it takes to take it all the way? this was far from over!

What more battles await us in the coming days? How will GB end for our faction....?