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[Interview] Infinity Kingdom's Finest: Stories from the Top Players #6 ACE

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Article Publish : 11/20/2023 00:49

Welcome to another exciting episode of 'Infinity Kingdom's Finest: Stories from the Top Players,' where we dive into the immersive adventures of ACE, a seasoned player with a knack for mastering the battlefield and spreading joy along the way. ACE is celebrated for a strategic mind and a unique approach to the game that keeps everyone on their toes. Get ready to unravel the captivating tales, brilliant tactics, and perhaps a surprise or two as we explore the dynamic journey ACE has crafted within the Infinity Kingdom community.

Now, here's a little twist – this interview is a bit special because ACE is not only our esteemed guest today but has recently become a new Press Officer colleague! Yes, you heard it right. This interview was recorded before ACE officially joined the team, so consider it a blast from the past in more ways than one.

So, without further ado, let's strap on our virtual armor and embark on this adventure-filled interview with ACE! Get ready for some gaming wisdom served with a side of laughter – it's about to get epic!

Hello, ACE! You've established yourself as a top player in Infinity Kingdom. Could you share what has driven you to continue playing for multiple seasons? By the way, how many seasons have you participated in, and which servers have you played on? If you have a favorite among them, what makes it stand out?How did you first discover Infinity Kingdom, and what motivated you to start playing? Could you share some insights into your initial experiences and the servers you've played on throughout your journey in the game?

Hello Mael!
Of course, I have several motivations that help me continue to play for more than a season, as I want to make Server 205 one of the strongest servers in IK and I want the Lion Alliance to get the IBPL championship. One of my motivations is also having my friends with me which makes playing fun.
I only played in 205 I started in 205 and it is a special server because it is the server that I started in and I got to know my friends in.
I discovered IK through the anime Kingdom when I finished the 4 seasons of the anime I went looking for a game similar to it and so I found IK. Lol
Well, I started in 205, which is the first Arab server. There was an understanding between the comrades since the beginning of the server, so I did not face difficulty in my beginning.

 As someone with extensive gaming experience and a profound understanding of growth techniques and event dynamics, what strategies do you prioritize in your approach to Infinity Kingdom, and how do you adapt them to the ever-evolving challenges within the game?

Well, I always try to gain experience from others to become a diplomatic and strategic person and also good at dealing with my friends.
Also, the best strategy in Ik for me is to make friends and make friends always. This will help you in the future and in the worst circumstances, even in KVK or IB.


Having built a reputation as a skilled war commander, what key principles and tactics do you believe contribute to your success in battles and castle sieges within Infinity Kingdom? Could you narrate a specific instance where your commanding abilities significantly influenced the outcome of a crucial conflict or war?

The basic principles and tactics that will always contribute to the success of anyone are the lack of a specific tactic for him as he must always study his opponent to develop a tactic against his opponent.
And the lack of a fixed tactic will make it difficult for your opponent and will not be able to know your movements during the battle!
We did not face any strong opponent in KVK. There was no need to show leadership skills that I often used only in the IB. One of my leadership decisions in our battle against IMPK contributed to our progress, but we lost after that because of time):

Considering your expertise in the game, could you provide insights into your preferred troop configurations and skill combinations without revealing your current march lineup? 

Facing a march that uses magic damage, I put William in the face of the hero who does the magic damage because William hits his opponent vertically.
And when I face a march like the mix march.. I built a march to beat the mix
This march depends on putting William and Wu in the face of Alexander which makes my victory against any mix march easy I can overcome the mix march with a power of 445k and my march is only 360k.

 How do you balance the demands of the game with your other commitments and responsibilities? What strategies or techniques do you employ to ensure that your gameplay remains effective and impactful while managing your real-life obligations?

No matter how much I love the game in my responsibilities and my real life is more important for me when I finish it I put more effort into the game. But I always try to balance in this.

Throughout your Infinity Kingdom journey, what have been some of the most significant challenges you've faced, and how have you overcome them? Have these challenges contributed to your growth and evolution as a player and a leader within the community?

AoW has been the reason why Lion has been so strong in the IB as we have developed and trained our players further in an attempt to beat them this season or in the coming seasons if we come up against them.
There was also a problem that occurred on the server when the green color was destroyed 8 hours before the gates to Zone 1 opened. But I don't like to talk about this matter much

Could you share an unforgettable moment or achievement that has left a lasting impression on you during your time in Infinity Kingdom? How did this experience shape your perspective and approach to the game and influence your interactions within the community?

One of my achievements that I will never forget is my presence with you now in this interview. It is one of my achievements in IK and also made me very happy, but it did not have an impact in society.

What are your thoughts on the latest updates and patches in Infinity Kingdom? How do you perceive the evolving gameplay dynamics and the introduction of new features, and how do these changes impact your gameplay strategies and objectives within the game?

Well there are very good updates in IK that made me happy with some additions that make it easier to play for F2P players. And removing some mistakes that made me sure that IK is the only game that suits all players and how much they pay because in the end it will reach the maximum and can compete against others much stronger depending on his strategies and understanding of skills.
IK is also characterized by a quick response to any bugs that has occurred within the game, where the developers maintain it in case of any bugs.


ACE, as a seasoned player with a deep understanding of the game's intricacies, what advice or tips would you offer to newer players aiming to establish themselves and achieve success in Infinity Kingdom? How can they navigate the challenges and complexities of the game more effectively?

The most important advice I will give to any player new to IK is that he must understand the game well before thinking of leaving it because when you understand the game well you will enjoy while playing. You must learn how to arrange heros and put skills and change them according to your opponent. And you must always trust yourself if you want to build a strong server that no one should influence you or what you think to do in the future.
And you have to know well that in the end you will reach the level of anyone in the conquest because there is a maximum limit for research and there is a maximum limit for the level of the castle and there is a maximum level of heroes and skills …

 How do you foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork within your alliances and the broader Infinity Kingdom community? What leadership values and principles do you emphasize to create a supportive and collaborative environment for your fellow players?

I can promote a sense of camaraderie and teamwork within my alliance (always tell them that the alliance is not for ACE, but the alliance is for them) because they are the ones who built this alliance and they will continue to achieve achievements in the name of this alliance.. We have achievements that we want to achieve for this alliance together, which makes our relationship stronger.
The leader must have many qualities such as:
Take responsibility
Cooperate, see and communicate with your friends always.
And having the speed of the intio…

 What are your future aspirations and objectives within Infinity Kingdom? Are there specific milestones or accomplishments you are aiming for, or any initiatives you are planning to pursue in the game soon?

One of the achievements I want to achieve in IK is to win the IBPL championship and make 205 one of the strongest servers in IK.
One of my initiatives was to become a content creator.

 ACE, as we near the end of this interview, how do you feel about sharing your experiences and insights with our audience? Is there any particular message or advice you would like to convey to your fellow players and the broader Infinity Kingdom community based on your journey and experiences?

Thank you, Mr. Mael, for this interview. I am really grateful and happy to be one of the people you chose in one of your interviews.
I really enjoyed answering the questions and I hope the audience enjoyed it too!
I want to give one advice.. Always be there for your friends you will need them one day.

Thank you, ACE, for sharing your incredible journey, strategies, and experiences within Infinity Kingdom. Your insights into building strong alliances, overcoming challenges, and fostering camaraderie offer valuable lessons to both seasoned players and those just beginning their adventure in the game. Your dedication to making Server 205 one of the strongest servers and aiming for the IBPL championship reflects a true passion for the Infinity Kingdom community. We appreciate your time and candid responses.

If you, our readers, have stories, strategies, or experiences you'd like to share in the 'Infinity Kingdom's Finest' series or know someone who deserves to be featured, I'm eager to hear from you. Drop me a message with your suggestions, and let's continue showcasing the diverse and remarkable journeys within the Infinity Kingdom community. Your story could be the next highlight!

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