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[Review] Analysis of Basic Positioning in Illusion Battlefield in Infinity Kingdom

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Article Publish : 11/19/2023 15:38


What’s up, folks? It’s the first week of the Illusion Battlefield League(IBL) season and in this series, I will take a closer look at different matches per week. The event is one of the most entertaining events in Infinity Kingdom that players enjoy spectating, almost like a sporting event. IBL differs from regular IB in that players build their teams from a set list of immortals and skills. All players will also get 50 Violet of the Void per week that they can use to level up skills of their choosing. In this article, I’m going to go over some basic things alliance leaders and players should be doing in IBL to improve.


💠Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Markers and Relocation Positioning
  • Low Prosperity Swapping
  • Tower Control
  • Summary


Going from a good or greater IBL team to title contenders requires improvements in every aspect of the game from relocations based on spawn points to the use of talent skills. However, there are some incredibly simple and easy things alliances can do better to jump to the next level. Focusing on basic things like positioning, swapping positions, and timing to attempt tower sieges vastly improves your alliance’s chances of winning.

💠Markers and Relocation Positioning

Markers are something alliance leaders, officers, and commanders can place during the match. Before players can relocate, alliances have five minutes to place markers and directions for their players to follow. Every commander should be in charge of one tower to place markers.

First, take a minute to figure out where your players’ spawn points are, and then decide which tower to move them to. Draw an imaginary line diagonally down your spawn point. Those above the line should move to Tower 1 and those under the line should move to Tower 4. Those at the edges of the spawn area should move to the front row, right next to the towers. Not every player needs to go to those towers but those at the edges should.

Secondly, you have to understand that every side of the corner towers can hold up to two players and your alliance should control at least two sides of the tower from the start because you should finish relocating at those two sides before the opponents. If your alliance starts at the top right, then you need to control the top and right side of the tower for Tower 1, and inversely if you start at the bottom left.

Thirdly, commanders should place markers in a way that players can just click the marker and their relocations will already be aligned properly. Markers should always be placed with respect to the relocation’s bottom left corner. That way, players don’t have to adjust themselves and should save a few seconds and headaches.

💠Low Prosperity Swapping

Being able to stay at a tower to block enemy relocations, destroy relocations, rally, and garrison is incredibly important to defending or stalling at a tower, especially if you don’t have enough points to replenish your prosperity or resurrect or if you don’t have defense talents. Therefore, if you are on the frontlines of a battle at any tower, once your prosperity falls within two hits of being zeroed, start relocating to a spot behind your teammates so you will be less likely to be targeted and zeroed. Then one of the players in the back rows can move up to take your spot. Actively swapping positions with your low prosperity teammates will help them help you with garrisons and rallies as well as tower sieges. In the scenario below, Ray klee should move back to a back row spot, obviously without blocking his teammate’s relocation, and DevineYo should move up to take his spot afterward.

💠Tower Control

Generally, given everything is equal, if your opponents are diligent in attacking the tower when your alliance sends troops to capture the tower and with both alliances controlling two sides of the tower, neither will be able to claim the tower. If that happens, you may want to focus rallies and zero one side that your opponents control and then move your players to take control of a third side of the tower. That way, when you use the Quick Occupy skill to speed up the capture, your opponents won’t be able to send marches to the tower as fast as your alliance will. In the scenario below, TF controlled the left, bottom, and right sides of the tower and was able to take the tower.


Understanding these basics of IBL and putting them into practice will help your alliance gain small advantages that can make or break your games. All these concepts are fairly easy to do and mastering them can help turn your team from good to great.

What other basic things should alliances learn to improve? Let me know in the comments below!



Version 2.6.4

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