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[Review] Analysis of TF vs AOSK in Illusion Battlefield League in Infinity Kingdom

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Article Publish : 11/19/2023 14:36


What’s up, folks? It’s the first week of the Illusion Battlefield League(IBL) season and in this series, I will take a closer look at different matches per week. The event is one of the most entertaining events in Infinity Kingdom that players enjoy spectating, almost like a sporting event. IBL differs from regular IB in that players build their teams from a set list of immortals and skills. All players will also get 50 Violet of the Void per week that they can use to level up skills of their choosing. In this article, I’m going to take a closer look at the match between Server 49’s The Fearess(TF) and Server 136’s ATTACK of SKY(AOSK). TF’s positions in this match will be denoted in yellow while AOSK’s will be in red.


💠Table of Contents

  • Overview
  • Starting Positions and Talents
  • TF
  • AOSK
  • Tower 1
  • Tower 4
  • Central Tower
  • Altars
  • Home Towers
  • Turning Point
  • Summary


TF was ranked two in IBL last season but unfortunately, internal strife tore the alliance apart and many of their core IBL players left for greener pastures. Some players even moved to AOSK. Others remained and should still put up a fight in their matches. On the other hand, AOSK did not make the top 16 last season but has a good chance to do so in Season 4 with so many alliances falling apart and potentially unable to retake their spots.

💠Starting Positions and Talents


  • Started with 25 players, and ended with 28
  • 9 Attack talents
  • 13 Defense talents
  • 3 Support talent


  • Started with 36 players, and ended with 40
  • 10 Attack talents
  • 23 Defense talents
  • 3 Support talent


💠Tower 1

TF had 13 players relocate to Tower 1 and two players overlapped with their teammates. AOSK moved 14 players there. One TF player was even able to block a couple of AOSK relocations.

💠Tower 4

TF relocated eight players to Tower 4 with one player overlapping. AOSK relocated ten players to the tower. TF looked like they had better positioning here while AOSK seemed a little more disorganized. Both teams managed to block one relocation each.

💠Central Tower

AOSK sent ten players to the Central Tower while TF decided to forsake it for a better chance at the side towers. I would rather see the TF players at Tower 4 relocate to the center instead. Generally, alliances will send fewer players to the Central Tower than Tower 1 or 4 so it’s not a bad gambit to try to take control of the center instead. In this match, AOSK had just as many players in the center due to their overwhelming numbers advantage.


TF moved one player to the Sun Altar and AOSK chose not to waste any time at the Moon Altar.

💠Home Towers

TF had no players guarding their home tower while AOSK only had one. AOSK also sneaked one player into the vicinity of TF’s home tower.


💠Turning Point

TF was excellent with rallying at Tower 1 and then moving closer to the tower whenever they zeroed an enemy. They picked off players who were not being garrisoned by their teammates and eventually took control of three sides of the tower. They were able to take the tower by 6:30 and held the tower until the 29-minute mark.

At Tower 4, the opposite happened. AOSK captured the tower as soon as they landed and pushed back TF without breaking a sweat. TF tried to send backup but they were easily blocked by AOSK and the rest of the members were cleared from the vicinity of the tower shortly after.

Meanwhile, the one AOSK player who moved close to TF’s home tower was able to capture TF’s Tower 3 with the help of some of his teammates’ marches that were sent from the center. TF eventually moved three players to Tower 3 and reclaimed ownership of the tower. With an overwhelming victory at Tower 1 and one player generating attention at TF’s home tower, AOSK was able to send a mob of players to Tower 1 to siege it and eventually reclaimed it.

TF also tried to leverage the invisibility provided by the altars to siege the Central Tower. However, with so many AOSK members there already and teleports available, they were able to repel every attempt by TF and TF was never able to retake the tower.


AOSK’s Yuna was the match MVP as AOSK took the match 100,000 points to TF’s 36,200. TF put up an incredible fight at Tower 1 and even tried to make proactive plays for the center in the mid-game, but fell short. AOSK’s numbers overwhelmed TF at every tower and TF was unable to hold on to any lead they generated. With so few of their core IBL members left in the alliance, it’s tough to see TF making it far in Season 4.

 How far do you think AOSK will go this season? Let me know in the comments below!



Version 2.6.4

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