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Lady Phi's Journey and the Wars that occured (In Supermine)

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Article Publish : 11/19/2023 08:34

Lady Phi's interaction within the alliance unveils a dynamic and engaging narrative, being collaborative and fighting well in the event Supermine. Supermine is a special mine located in the cross-server icon on the top of the screen. This Supermine, the Arya weapon was up for grabs and Lady Phi was already close to getting it. Now, we dive into closer detail of what happened during the Supermine event and showing how Lady Phi was successful in obtaining the Arya weapon in the end.

Lady Phi's journey through the Supermine reveals a strategic and considerate approach. Engaging with fellow players like JStargaryen and Urielos, she displays a mix of patience, readiness, and trust. There's a sense of mutual respect as they coordinate their turns, acknowledging each other's needs for the ranks and timing.

The dialogue captures Lady Phi's initial hesitation and eventual excitement at the prospect of accessing the mine. Her surprised exclamation at being granted a rank in a high spot , "didn't even dream I'll get a chance," indicates the rarity of this opportunity. Despite the competition for the Arya weapon from other big alliances, there's an underlying sense of friendliness, evident in her willingness to step aside for others when necessary, risking her rank of being over taken by bigger players.

Lady Phi's wit shines through the banter with other players. Her humorous comments and playful interactions, such as teasing Massinisa's "showoff" or her quips about scouting strategies, add a lighthearted tone to the competitive atmosphere.

Furthermore, Lady Phi's adaptability and resourcefulness come to the fore as she navigates the complexities of the game. Her willingness to accommodate others' requests and her understanding of where she would be ranked, evident in her fight abilities for the different rankings.

As the interactions progress, Lady Phi's perseverance becomes apparent. Despite facing setbacks, such as being removed from the mine by other players, she remains positive and resilient. Her ability to navigate through unexpected situations and adapt her strategies underscores her skill and determination in the game.

In the end, she was able to unlock the Arya weapon by staying resilient and bleeding out against big players.

Now we look into the battles which occured. During this time, the account named "Thornado" came online and was unstoppable. Holding 12 hours of the mine being unable to be kicked. Here you can see a report of the account Opux facing off against Thornado:

While both accounts are decently strong, Thornado certainly does have the advantage. His army size march is 500,000 more than Opux's, allowing more tier 5s to join the battle making it harder to kicking him out of the Supermine. His weapons is also quite developed with 4* Leila, Salma and Annie weapon, not to mention Cersai's! Having proven his power, he holds steadily at first place with 12 hours.

Another opponent who we have to mention for putting up such as fight is the ath alliance. They played clever by having the weaker accounts/alts do the scouting of the Supermine so that the first attack by the account, cowman2, would already be countering the defense and causing a lot of damage!

In this report, you can see that while both the marches have a similar size, cowman2 has the advantage of the counter effect taking place in his favour. This would mean that his infantry would deal more damage and Jstargaryen's spears would deal reduced damage.

However, while it may seem a very chaotic, the Supermine event was overall quiet. NW1 was able to hand out spots to the players who needed it without any backlash from other alliances. They did run into DUM alliance, who agreed to share the spots and to not fight over it. NW1 has been having good relations with DUM as last UC season, DUM and NW1 merged together. During this UC season, NW1+DUM was able to make it to 6th place out of 16. While NW1 did not reach top 5, we did have a great time working together and getting nice rewards.

Another member who I want to mention is Urielos. Urielos, a seasoned player renowned for strategic gameplay, achieved a monumental feat within the Supermine by unlocking Arya's Weapon. Through meticulous efforts and relentless pursuit, Urielos managed to get 18 shards from five chests by getting the ranked #2 spot, showcasing an unparalleled determination and expertise. This remarkable milestone not only solidifies Urielos' position as a formidable fighter within the alliance but also underscores the depth of dedication and skill required to attain such great rewards. The unlocking of Arya's Weapon serves as a testament to Urielos' unwavering commitment, strategic prowess, and unwavering dedication to mastering the game's playstyle, earning them a revered status among peers and competitors alike.

To conclude, Supermine was a fun event that was well co-ordinated by both allies and enemies and Urielos and Lady Phi managed to unlock the weapon :).