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Sweet Revenge - SoW R6 DEP vs WxC !

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 11/19/2023 07:56

Hello again my fellow Lords and Ladies, today I am gonna tell you about a great battle between DEP and WxC, that happened on of the most common event battlefields - Siege of Winterfel! Both of these alliances are well know across the whole Westeros and need no introduction! This being the last round means that the rankings will be finalised and alliances will recieve their season rewards after the last round of match is done for the day!

As the match began, DEP had an advantage in the numbers - 92 vs 87! This meant 15 more deployments on the map, but the number can be misleading as there can be many people afk or offline so its hard to measure who got the better attendance at the start, final numbers of healings will clear that up at the end of the match!

Both teams gave orders to their forces and everyone knew what is expected of them and where to go at the start of the match! WxC sent most of their forces to Hot Springs side and DEP decided to answer with heavy force aswell! My orders were clear - avoid large scale fights and be annoying as much as you can, flipping enemy buildings, catching afk or single marches that can be killed fast and similar tasks to make the match for the enemy tougher!

After winning the fight in the Base 1, me and few of my comrades moved up to the Stark Outpost 1 as it was almost without any defense and we swiftly overwhelmed CuppaTea which gave him no other option than to abandon the building and run to save the rest of his troops!

"Follow me to the nearest enemy building, it has lower defense aswell! Then we proceed further to the other side of the map to support our main force for a bit!" - shouted Tominy while storming the enemy forces and heading towards their backline.

Map was heavily in our favor after first 6 minutes of the fight as WxC's main force got obliterated in Hot Springs and we had bigger numbers on the left side and flipped most of the buildings too! Nothing is decided yet as the Winterfel package will start dropping soon and the real fights will just begin right there!

With holding the Armory and Hot Springs, DEP had few advantages over WxC which was resulting into WxC losing ground around Winterfel slowly but surely. First package was soon to be dropped and DEP had a vast control around the middle which gives them more time and also easier decision where they wanna bring the package once it is dropped.

WxC had to regroup back at their base which meant losing the first package without contest thus giving DEP easy points for the start. However, WxC didn't give up yet and pushed heavily on the left side which resulted in them taking back Stark Outpost 1, Base 1 and also the Armory. Once DEP secured the first package for free, they immediately focused their forces on repelling WxC and giving them no ground to work with.

As DEP sent their main force upwards towards north side of the battlefield to meet WxC, another package was about to drop, but WxC was still in no position to contest the middle jewel of the map - Winterfel. This resulted into another free package for DEP without anyone contesting and giving them big advantage 20 minutes into the match!

There was 1 minute and 53 seconds left till another package drops. Each package that gets dropped in the building scores points for the alliance that managed to secure it and the points gained also scales by the number of packages delivered through out the whole match, which means that DEP can snowball their lead even further and WxC wouldn't be able to catch up to them soon if they wont do something with the match. They decided to regroup once again and send a huge wave towards the right side now and heading to Hot Springs. Maybe they felt the need to capture the building so they can lower the bill for healing thus give DEP a bigger resistance so they wouldn't be able to run with the match! Can WxC pull through and come back into the match by winning the fight in Hot Springs and grouping around the Winterfel to secure the package??

More and more DEP forces were able to reinforce the hot springs while also holding all buildings on the other side of the map uncontested by WxC. The numbers were already at 69 for DEP and 29 for WxC inside of the Hot Spring circle which seemed to be the final nail in the coffin for WxC forces. More and more warriors were routed back to their main camp, even if they managed to regroup several deployments together, they stood no chance against more organised DEP. Even mighty warrior as CCCPC is, couldnt stand against the huge number of enemies... His powerful commanders got overwhelmed and killed in a span of a seconds.

Over and over he tried to rally his alliance back upon their feet, he led by example, but it was simply not enough as Pincer Attack is a feature in Siege of Winterfel, that can bring down any warrior no matter how powerful he is.

At this point of the match, the gap grew way too big to catch up for WxC. Most of their banners gave up healing their wounded soldiers over and over again as it was pointless at this point. Few of the mighty warriors kept going and fighting over and over again on the borders of their main alliance camp, defending their pride and last bits of morale to be an example to their troops, so they can live on and fight another day.

DEP managed to secure all packages dropped throughout the match, striking heavy blow into WxC's ranks, but this was all planned before the last round came. Members of this alliance used to be friends of DEP back in the days, but now choosing side of the enemy.

With all of the rounds done, DEP despite being sniped by the enemy alliances and merging their forces against them, ended up being rank 3 in this SoW season! It was really good result for us as it was pretty much the first time we took a season of SoW seriously! Learning from the losses we will be moving forwards and carrying the newly acquired experience with us to the next season in the future hoping for improvement!

See you next time folks!