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Champion City Siege - S41 - Siege : Hall of Celestials

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 09/17/2023 23:13
Edited by vlodek at 09/18/2023 18:54

The latest season of CCS brought an extraordinary showdown between several powerful alliances, and as is the case in the new version of CCS, where players' castles cannot be attacked by other players, the fight for the main castle was of utmost importance this time as well. In this battle for the Hall of Celestials, DUM, which formed an alliance with HOH and AVO for the duration of this battle, faced off against LEG, NFI, N30, BTa, and several other smaller groups. The battle was very emotional, and to find out how it unfolded and what happened in this clash, read the whole story.

What is CCS and what are the rewards?

  1. After the system has matched the qualified kingdoms [ Preperation Phase ] begins, at which time the Champion City Siege titles from from the previous round expire and are recalled and qualified lords can enter the [ Warring Kingdoms ] map to take up their battlefield positions in advance. A Champion's invation will be expended in taking up a position.
  2. After dispute phase begins lords may proceed to the matched [ Warring Kingdom ] map to begin fighting for the Cities of Wonder.
  3. When the event countdown runs out, Settlement Phase begins. The lord who has occupied the City of Wonders for the longest time in total will becoume the Champion Conqueror.
  4. After the current round of Champion City Siege ends, Peace Phase begins. The Champion Conqueror may confer titles and rewards chests for lords within the same [ Warring Kingdom ] group.
  5. Champion can grant titles ( except Champion Conqueror, who gets only champion ) :

Rewards :

PART I - The first 30 minutes saw the domination of DUM, especially Dumdettie, who took control of the castle from the very beginning and carried the weight of the battle on her shoulders, as she is the strongest player in DUM. A significant number of players quickly joined to reinforce the castle, regardless of whether soldiers perished or not; what mattered was to maintain control of the castle for as long as possible, which they effectively managed to do. However, their rivals didn't make it easy, launching numerous raids from the very beginning – over 25 in cumulative moments. This showed that everyone was eager to capture the castle, as it meant winning the battle and becoming the champion, securing valuable rewards, respect, and admiration from other players. The battle lasted an hour, and with each passing minute, it grew fiercer, resulting in frequent changes of castle ownership. Besides DUM, only HOH managed to reinforce the castle effectively enough to make it challenging for their rivals to regain control. DUM ended this part with the longest control of the castle. However, the next 30 minutes would change the fate of this encounter. Was it due to excellent defense and reinforcement by DUM players or did the other teams increase their strength and the number of raids, effectively preventing DUM players from maintaining control of the castle? Read on to find out more and learn about the standout player in this battle!

PART II - The next 30 minutes continued to see the dominance of DUM players. Just like in the previous part, their rivals did not give up. In this section, I'll mention the allies because they also played a crucial role in this battle. Thanks to AVO and HOH, who frequently took over the castle but refrained from attacking when DUM had the upper hand, their rivals couldn't hold on to it for long after taking control, which is highly effective in this event when playing with a large number of strong teams. So, the alliance of DUM + AVO + HOH resulted in DUM winning this event. The entire battle was emotional, and the number of battle tokens was enormous for both this alliance and the other teams fighting for control of the castle. The champion was Dumdettie, with [second place player] in second place, and [third place player] in third. Congratulations to all the teams that participated in this emotional battle; thanks to them, we witnessed a truly exciting and balanced contest.

Occupation Time Rankings :

Dumdettie from DUM clinched the Champion title. Here's a description of her strengths and weaknesses in this match, as well as her involvement in this thrilling battle for the Hall of Celestials:


  1. Exceptional Leadership: Dumdettie displayed remarkable leadership skills by taking control of the castle from the outset. Her ability to strategize and coordinate DUM's efforts was a significant strength.
  2. Combat Prowess: As the strongest player in DUM, Dumdettie's combat skills were outstanding. She not only defended the castle effectively but also contributed to repelling rival attacks.
  3. Resilience: Dumdettie's determination to maintain control of the castle, even in the face of relentless raids, showcased her resilience and unwavering commitment to victory.


  1. Overexertion: Given her central role in the battle, Dumdettie may have pushed herself too hard, potentially leaving her vulnerable to exhaustion or making her a prime target for rivals.
  2. Dependence on Alliances: While the alliance with AVO and HOH was successful, Dumdettie's reliance on these allies could be considered a weakness, as it could have left her exposed if the alliance were to falter.
  3. Limited Defensive Resources: Despite her strong defense, Dumdettie may have faced limitations in terms of defensive resources, especially when countering multiple raid attempts simultaneously.


Dumdettie was deeply engaged in this emotional battle for the Hall of Celestials. Her proactive approach to taking control of the castle in the first part of the match set the tone for DUM's performance. Throughout the battle, she played a pivotal role in defending the castle, strategizing with her alliance partners, and ensuring that DUM remained a formidable force. Her commitment and determination ultimately led to her becoming the Champion of the event, solidifying her reputation as a formidable player in the game.

The whole battle showcased the strength of both Dumdettie and the other DUM players who managed to maintain control of the castle for the longest time. The alliance with AVO and HOH was undoubtedly a good strategy for securing the champion title and winning the battle. Congratulations and thanks also go to HOH and AVO, without whom this well-deserved victory for DUM would not have been possible. Thank you for your attention, stay safe, and see you in the next stories.

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