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are the percentages adding up correctly?

Technical Support
Article Publish : 09/17/2023 21:24

I have a question and was wondering if you can help me out with it? On GB I am the one with the highest BR of 172 trillion and I always seem to place 3rd or 4th sometimes 5th in it when my other account with 7 trillion finishes 1st. Now I am losing to players I used to beat no problem before when I had lower BR and one player hasn't played for months. Is there a way the devs can find out if the algorithm is the same as other servers? I don't think the percentage is being calculated correctly. It's on server 1468 I feel I am being cheated out of what I am suppose to be at. I know I have great stats and I also think I have good skills, mounts, and angels and a good pet in my line up. Is the jadegold equipment still bugged? If you look at Nebula. My BR is higher than Kongkiat's and yet my stats show that they are lower. How can that be? Like I said I don't think they have the calculations correct on my server. S1468_Gr8stDJTrump.