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Conclusion after Champion City Siege: 10k T4s are equivalent to 100 diamonds.

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 09/17/2023 11:31

Greetings. I'm a player who has experienced the ups and downs of this game: WayFarer.

Although I have a 3-year experience of playing this game, this is merely the second time I have joined. Nevertheless, after abandoning the game for one month, I came back to get more thrill and excitement from this game. In addition, to improve the game experience, taking part in Champion City Siege is probably the best choice.

I'm just a dolphin of this game, not strong enough to take the leadership of the whole team. After deciding to temporarily join another alliance, a battle arose between WAO, WxC, and MBL(us). The main goal is to obtain 1.44M points and 60 battle crystals.

We soon realized Patton, appertaining in alliance with WxC, took the city as the competition started. Rally executed, conflict busted, and I have some of the initial battle reports:

Both Pinky and Patton use a female setup, performing Calvary's exclusive. But obviously, Patton's set was far better than Pinky's. The result turned out to be victorious for us, but as you can see, WxC has an outstanding strategy for reducing the losses, stacking millions of T1s in front of T4s.

I'm using the most basic setup for Spearman: the weakness set. Admitting to be much "weaker" than Patton, trying for my best is the essence. With a better 1.8M T1 stack, I can merely harm Patton's T4s while triumphing "fakely."

A few minutes after the battle, FDH joined and caused some chaos. We do not even have a chance to fight them due to their precision time control and the strength BAIZIMING has. 

Boasting as one of the top players in the game, BAIZIMING not only has the highest power rate, but his bonuses are nearly flawless to take damage except countering other whales. The gap is so evident that we almost decided to give up. He can hold the city with awful troop combination!

 I then gripped a slight chance to take over the city, devastated Lord Pratap's cavalry. But after BAIZIMING marched to win this battle, I had no choice but to retreat.

The battle is up to no doubt afterward. BAIZIMING won the crown, Patton came in second, and our member M A J ended up in third, which is a decent result. But when I checked my email and craved 60 battle crystals, I was shocked and frantic:

The results didn't go as expected, ending with a 40k points gap, 20 crystals gone, and 10k T4s worth(every kill is 4 points). I soon came up with a self-deprecating truth:

10k T4s are equivalent to 100 bds.

Yeah, and this is the end of the CCS. Even if it didn't end well, it was still a splendid experience fighting with several outstanding players, and I assume to join the next battle. See you guys in the CCS next month, GG for everyone on the battlefield!