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Article Publish : 09/17/2023 07:36

This is yet another post asking the impossible, yes I know expecting developers who write code for a database to actually have a grasp on how to code data efficiently and not end up taking forever to process data (what computers are built for!) is asking for a miracle.

I would like to request the Khaos cards with 3 stars and below are converted to points by a developer considering they have no intention of sorting out the obviously sloppy method they have used to code something relatively simple for other software developers who have thousands of items in their games. As of now I cannot enter Khaos without it locking up the game and even causing issues when refreshing having waited a pathetic amount of time for it to sort itself out. So I cannot change cards or do anything within.

Server ub95 IGN UNiCORN

P.S. don't forget to let them know how pathetic their coding skills are