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Update - V6.67.0 Guild Mobilization

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Article Publish : 09/12/2023 00:02
Edited by philippe wang at 09/12/2023 14:09

V6.67.0 Guild Mobilization

Update time: 2023-9-12

New Feature:Guild Mobilization

1. Time

> Registration Time: Monthly 13th-14th

> Competition Time: Monthly 15th-18th

> Reward Time: Monthly 19th-20th

2. Rules

>Guild Mobilization: Guild members need to complete mobilization quests together during the event to earn mobilization points, in competition with other guilds in rankings.

>During the event, each guild member can only accept one mobilization quest at a time, until the quest is completed or abandoned.

>The higher the quest's reward, the more challenging it is. All mobilization quests have a time limit.

>Guild members share a quest list, and only one person can accept a quest at a time. After a quest is accepted, a new one will appear in a few minutes.

>Guild leaders and deputy leaders can delete quests that guild members don't want to complete. This allows the list to refresh.

3. Rewards

>Guild Rewards: When the Guild reaches a specified tier, Guild members can claim (Personal Points need to reach 2000).

>Rank Rewards: Guild members can claim the corresponding rewards based on the Guild's ranking (Personal Points need to reach 2000).

>Personal Rewards: Guild members can claim corresponding rewards based on Personal Points.

4. Note: The Guild mobilization reward will greatly enhance in the future, the first round of rewards is the trial version.