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My Game Story by Minch Yoda

General Discussion Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 06/04/2023 20:22
Edited by minchyoda at 06/11/2023 06:00

Quick Story About Me

My name is Minch Yoda, I'm 18 years old. I've been playing the game for over 4 years. I'm from Poland.

My first alliance was mine own called TTM:

We were born on K12 and played there for a while. My alliance was developing dynamically, but due to the drama, it fell apart and a new alliance was created- RBI, no longer led by me, but of which I was later a member. The game for us was black magic then, that's what I liked about it and I still play it, discovering different things all the time.

I was in RBI for about a month. Then I met Wisnia we were fighting bigger opponents back then. A lot of people we fought back then play in FDH today. We jumped a lot on servers like K59, K54, K64. Until I finally found a NoS on K25 that I had been playing with for a year, I joined them on November 12, 2019.

Together with NoS, my loyal alliance, I have traveled a long and bumpy road on the K25 server. Our matches were full of challenges, and one of our most dangerous opponents is the SKD alliance, which started the game with an extremely powerful player nicknamed 0din. We also had epic battles against KGD where KingChad was the driving force. Unfortunately, after his resignation, the opponents lost their dominance and the fight became more even. In the meantime, a smaller ROU alliance has also appeared on the K25 server, which is now known as UTB and has grown in importance.

During my adventure, I also visited the BCD and BDR alliances on the K31 server to gain valuable knowledge and experience in combat. Unfortunately, these visits did not end well for me, for in just three days I was completely defeated.

The BOZ alliance also appeared on our server, and its ranks included players such as Savvo and PaSa. I have to admit that we had a lot of difficulties in the clashes with them. The Savvo account was already maxed out, which put us at a disadvantage, but we didn't give up anyway. We fought with determination, fighting long battles.

Eventually, the management of NoS decided to leave the K25 server and move to the K64 server. There we met our family, the WAL alliance, whose prominent players include Leothoras and Terrax. Unfortunately, the move turned out to be a bad choice as not much was happening on this server. Our alliance focused mainly on fighting within our own Kingdom, and winning the Local Crown was crucial for us. After several months of frustrating stagnation, we decided to make another change and moved to the K6 server.

The powerful JEH alliance dominated the K6 server, with a player named Henry BP standing out among them. Henry and his allies bravely defended their Kingdom. However, after some time, the JEH alliance withdrew from the game and they decided to change the Kingdom. They were replaced by the p0k alliance led by Raylight. Later, the p0k alliance became KUM. This alliance put up a lot of resistance to us, but after several months of fighting, the NoS decided to switch again.

In conclusion, my experience on the K25 server was full of challenges and hardships, but thanks to the determination and cooperation within the NoS alliance, we survived many adversities.

Once upon a time sometime in early 2020 we had a KvK against K34 played by my current alliance HOH. It was such a beautiful battle

On April 4, 2020, our best player Ethrix passed away😥. Since then, the NoS alliance has been through a lot. I started to be a recruiter there, I became more involved in the life of the alliance. But after some time, about a year, I decided that this is not my fairy tale, and I moved to HOH in which I still play and I'm doing fine. I still keep in touch with the people I met in NoS😊

I joined HOH on K15 on February 16, 2021. They welcomed me very warmly, they help me develop from the beginning and find a way for everything

While in HOH on K15, we had the opportunity to interact and engage with various alliances, including OBV and DEP. However, due to a high number of inactive accounts in our Kingdom, the HOH leadership made the decision to transfer to the newly opened K284. This move provided us with the chance to face more challenging opponents during KvK and other inter-server events.

And I've been playing here for over 2 years, time passes quickly and pleasantly, the game is developing just like me

Thank you to everyone I've met while playing this game!