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Advertising on the community forum

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Article Publish : 05/31/2023 16:23

I thought that someone was putting a halt to the ads being shown in the forum here.

I guess that is why I reported their asses, but that only goes so far.

I am only saying this because I had about a full page of ads before I was able to read the posts here on the forum.

Maybe I am also posting this because Heavens Fury is under maintenance and no one said a fracking thing, not here on the forum (community), not via email, not in any social media (which has to be updated), not even in the game (oh btw don't say you did when I know for a FRACKING FACT that you did not).

Now I know I probably upset a few folk who are reading this and I apologize but it has to be said by someone with regards to this until y'all get you end dates for events fixed please compensate all those who are affected (the event i speak about is the one that came before the tree, i think it was the spin to win event the ad in game for it call it beast master system).

I am Thunderhowl on S1 and I thank you for reading this.