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Article Publish : 05/26/2023 07:20

i was throust into a leadership potion of Birds of war in the K393 world.

i will not leave that alliance without a leader so i chose too take over the throne we are looking for some good active players hopefully some people that have been playing for awhile i could use the help right now we only have 16 members all of us are pretty new and we could use some guidance if anyone veterians are willing to come join us

i created Phobia Alliance in the K400 world but that world is pretty new too the idea was to learn the game as the world grow older so would i, giving me the knowledge on how to rule an empire at the same time.

but i no longer have that luxery, birds of war in the world of K393 will be renamed to PhoBia Alliance and take up the spot of a sister alliance to my orinigal alliance. Phobia Alliance.

so if anyone is looking towards joining an Alliance that could use help come to World K393 or K400 and join one of mine i will be looking forward too meeting up with you all.

thanks in dvanced