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Alliance Conquest - Recap - HOH vs BDR

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Article Publish : 05/25/2023 04:45
Edited by soo*** at 05/26/2023 14:18

After their successful first round, House of Heroes (HOH) was preparing for the second round of Alliance Conquest. They were aware that winning the first battle didn't make them unbeatable. Many challenges still lay ahead, and they needed to be prepared for them.

A few days after the first match, Lord Grom gathered his loyal and trusted council members, seeking their feedback on the previous battle. He was aware that mistakes were made and that there were several areas of their tactics that needed improvement.

"Our victory in the first battle was a great start against a strong alliance, but we must not become overconfident. We are well aware that the next challenges will be even tougher, and we need to be prepared." - he started 

He turned to his council members and asked, "What were your thoughts on the W T F match? Where did we go wrong, and what areas of our tactics need improvement?"

One of the council members, an experienced strategist spoke up: "While our overall strategy was effective, I believe we underestimated the enemy's speed and agility. They caught us off guard in several times, and the result of this was unnecessary losses on our side. We need to improve our awareness and adaptability on the battlefield.

"Agreed. We must develop a more flexible approach, one that allows us to quickly respond to changing circumstances." - Grom said

Does anyone have any suggestions how we can achieve that? - He asked

"We should focus on modifying our battle formations and tactics," the great tactician raised his voice again. "By creating several groups for different troop types, each with two leaders, we can assign them different targets and responsibilities for various buildings. For example, our left flank, with its strong cavalry forces, can easily capture the furthest buildings.”- he continued

Grom nodded: "Excellent point. Let's implement this modified battle formation, dividing our forces into specialized groups, each with two leaders."

 “Communication was also an issue” – said one “The important information took too long to reach the right people, because we had too many commanders shouting different instructions.”

"I agree" Grom said, and the rest of the council nodded in agreement as well. "I believe we need to establish a clear line of command and allow only the team leaders to speak, ensuring that everyone knows exactly what our next move will be." 

No one else had anything to add, the council members were satisfied, they discussed every point what they wanted. They were just about to finish the meeting, when they realised that, in a few minutes they would find out who will be their next opponent. Everyone knew that their brilliant victory in the first round, granted them significant amount of points, because of this, it was highly possible that they would face one of the strongest houses...

HOH is facing BDR!

Members exchanged concerned glances, they were fully aware of the power and reputation of BDR. Being among the top contenders, they were known for their strength and organization. It was clear to everyone that HOH would have only a slim chance of success. However, they were stubborn enough to give it a try...😂

When the armies of HOH and BDR approached the battlefield, a tension-filled silence fell upon the air. The anticipation was palpable as each alliance prepared for the clash that would determine the fate of the match. The banners of HOH fluttered in the wind, displaying their emblem of unity and resilience. Across the field, the fierce and daunting warriors of BDR stood tall, showing confidence and determination.

With HOH having 89 fighters and BDR 96, the battle seemed heavily in favour of BDR. The difference in the number of armies, combined with the difference in alliance power, already predicted an uphill battle for HOH. 

As the match began, BDR was showing no mercy. Their fast racers quickly occupied the Warrior and Outposts, while HOH was only able to capture the Mother.

Grom knew it was only the beginning of the match but he wanted to be sure that his banners wouldn't lose their confidence. He said, calmly: "It's alright. We just need to be a bit faster and pay more attention when reinforcing."

Grom's soldiers took his advice, when the ports became available, HOH racers proved to be the fastest, captured both of them. With a brilliant tactic, they managed to replace a stronger banner in their port, giving them a slightly better chance to defend successfully against the incoming attacks.

When the strategically important Casterly Rock opened up, both teams were very eager to be the fastest and secure it. As soon as the timer reached zero, both teams were charging fiercely towards the castle, for a second it seemed BDR would be the first to reach the gates, but after the waves of attacks, Lord Pikapi – the fastest racer of HOH - emerged from the chaos. 

HOH leaders shouted the next command through the battlefield, "Get ready, once again, we have to change our formation, otherwise we won't be able to hold them off. We must be very precise”

I'm sure they know a lot about our tactic, and they will be expecting it, we must be quick" commented Grom.

And he was right. With a sudden last second charge, BDR managed to capture Casterly Rock. The reinforcements armies quickly turned around and returned to the base, waiting for instructions about the next move. After a short discussion with the rally leaders, Grom gave the order, and HOH was ready to attack CR with their full forces. The rallies hit perfectly after each other, and HOH recaptured the building.

That was a great idea to send rallies with speed, they didn’t expected that we would be this fast. Well done!” - Grom said

Although this joy was short-lived as BDR relentlessly launched attacks, rapidly, one after another, HOH has already suffered heavy losses and these attack were too powerful to defend. 

In the next phase of the battle, it became obvious that HOH couldn't overcome the power difference and the organization of their opponent. BDR had control over almost all buildings their dominance began to manifest in the form of a widening gap in points. 

This was leading HOH to make the decision to save their resources for the next match. 

Hide the rest of your troops, keep them alive, we will try to be fast and capture the mines, so we might be able to get more points. But don’t waste more of your resources, we have to think forward, later on we will have important battles, where we need everything what we have” – Grom suggested

When the mines opened up, both teams successfully captured one each. However, when HOH attempted to execute their swap tactic once again, BDR intercepted it by deploying one of their strongest fighters. This effectively crushed HOH's hopes for reaching 60k points. 




While HOH's banners were disappointed with the loss, but they understood the significant power difference between the two alliances, even before the match began, they were aware that their chances of success were slim.

Grom gathered his banners around him to share a few words of encouragement:

"Cheer up, we have done everything what we could. We fought as long as it was possible, and we can be proud of our efforts. Let's forget about this battle and focus on the next one” - he said

Thanks for your attention

Stay tuned til the next one