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AC pairings

Article Publish : 10/07/2021 03:34

Can you guys fix your pairing algorithm?

Seriously, how are we supposed to stay interested when half the matches are useless in every competitive event. 1 man alliance he didn't even show up.

You know what better than fixing the algorithm, just fix everything:

1 AC per week all the time

1 siege per week all the time

Trash UC which is useless and boring for 90% of the players

At least we'll get a real ladder and not some bullshit where the first match of the season is bad cause only based on alliance size. And all the ones after aren't really better cause you get -100 per loss and +300 per win. And on top of that would save all the bullshit of people changing alliances just to skew the matchmaking and get to UC in B league with a top 10 alliance...

Those event are the only good thing in the game. The rest is just throwing cash at the screen to be able to delete people who threw less cash at the screen. Just fix them!