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Article Publish : 03/23/2023 00:49

For the 4th or 5th time will a mod please ask the developers to sort out the mini-client going to full screen and hogging the whole PC focus anytime the cursor is anywhere near the top of a resized mini-client window.

Often I have 2 mini-clients open with other work as my PC is a work computer and I'm fed up of the stupid thing going full screen, this issue can cause unwanted issues, including messing up work I am doing and even undesirable circumstances in the game, like buying something unwanted.

I realize going full screen is a greedy ploy by the devs to hopefully entice full attention to their game and fingers crossed spend money - BUT guess what? It is my computer and I expect apps/programs to remain as I have arranged them. Maybe have a little check box to tick that says 'STAY MINIMIZED AS HELL WILL FREEZE OTHER BEFORE I GIVE CASH TO GTArcade!'