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ChiDori Conquest for Champion City.

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 03/19/2023 08:25

I will tell you the story of one extraordinary warrior!

His name was ChiDori ,he was a great warrior.

ChiDori was not like others, he was quiet, sometimes even scared.

He chose his opponents carefully and did not engage in pointless fights.

But as time passed, ChiDori became a better and better warrior.

The day came for the Champion City Siege in which ChiDori wanted to participate.

However he was approached by the KARASA who offered ChiDori to forfeit the match and in exchange he will get consolation prize.

KARASA was a strong and experienced warrior who knew what he wanted.

He wanted to win and ChiDori was an obstacle that he needed to get over.

But ChiDorI did not agree to blackmail but decided to gather a strong team which will help him face those who want to stop him from conquering the Champion City.

ChiDorI gathered a small but chosen group of players who were ready to bravely die with him!

Adamant Fortress was waiting for his champion and ChiDori wanted to be that champion!

ChiDori expected KARASA to contest him for Great City with the team that he gathered.

But all it found was one small brave group of BC! members who managed to join ,while KARASA didn’t show up!

But still BC! had several strong players, so ChiDori was still absolutely focused and ready for battle.

Two strongest in the group was mak1.

The other one was KraKeNShroom.

The start was good for ChiDori as he managed to capture Adamant Fortress.

It was without doubt good for ChiDori ,but the question that was left to be answered was is it good for those who remain behind.

With ChiDori inside the Great City ,it was opening a clear path to BC! to start killing those who are left behind.

To prevent such a thing from happening some of our group opened rallies against BC!.

With rallies they wanted to protect Great City from being rally but also players.

However Alan556 wanted to test waters and he launched a rally against KraKeNShroom.

A terrible clash of armies followed, both fighters in the first lines were holding infantry, while in the second line of defenders was cavalry, the attacker had spearmen.

It seemed like a possible success, but the too small number of infantry mixed with cavalry in the third row behind the infantry and spearmen was a completely disastrous action.

With this shot, forces were measured and both sides showed their capabilities.

But it was time for BC! to test the defense of ChiDori friends.

As the events were going one interesting thing happened.

Like a thunderbolt striking a restless sea, the terrible KarNaka appeared on the wild waves.

Everyone was stunned as we know he could be a player to make drastic changes to either side.

But he decided to join and support ChiDori on his quest of becoming Champion!

KarNaka was dreadful and powerful ,taking a breath from many opponents and making them silent!

Answer came as quickly as possible as KarNaka started to rally on his first target.

KarNaka showed himself in a strong light, he mercilessly hit his opponents, with victories and defeats, he did not give up!

In the meantime BC! was not silent as diver was going strong against party.

Parthy did everything that was in his power.

He chose the right formation ,he did everything to prevent diver smashing his troops ,but it was not enough.

Next victim of the diver was Shire!

Shire was a brave warrior ,but I think diver was a very big challenge for him!

Once again the diver went out victorious!

WIth all fights , BC! was looking as their winning on the battlefield a way more than ChiDori friends.

But time was ticking and the moment of conclusion was coming!

31 minutes out of 60 was secured and with that ChiDori was about to become the next champion!

Hail the king ,hail the new Champion!

After the throne was secured ,it was time for ChiDori to shine in his full glory!

The newly crowned king himself now embarked on a campaign against those who oppressed his friends in the arduous struggle for the throne!

ChiDori destroyed BC! like a speed demon!

He completely crushed them and in the end even drove them off the map.

Only one sadness remained in him, and that is that his opponent KARASA was not on the battlefield to face him.

Joyfully, ChiDori celebrated his victory with his friends and let everyone know that Champion City will be his only!

Before the end, let's learn something!

I hope it was useful to you!

Until next time ,with regards!