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Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 03/19/2023 06:32

My dear Ultimate Conquest season is ending, I would like to highlight one of the events I enjoyed the most.

It brings me to this, showing how, an alliance can have bad luck in the draw, but come out well at the end of the battle.

Even if I don't win, the loss serves to show how close we could have been to winning... and that gives us more strength for the next one!!

That in itself is winning!!

So, here we have two alliances, one of which is infinitely superior to the other... but we have the PHR, which is not going to give up so easily!!!

Let's see.

In the first match of this AC season PHR had very bad luck with the opponent. Meeting an alliance twice the size:

Comparing the Top 5 players from the alliances the difference already becomes visible.

But PHR does not want to give up fightless. They managed to get 60 Lords and Ladies on the battlefield, but here again SPL outnumbered them with 89 fighters. So the idea was to get the as many points as possible for first catch on buildings. The races put on their best shoes, saddled the horses and out pulled out all the golden speed ups they could find, but the result was deflating. SPL took all the buildings and PHR had to rally. But already after the first try it was clear, there is not much to do and with all forces it will not be possible to get the fully reinforced buildings back. 

But who thinks PHR will give up is wrong. They kept racing and managed to get 1 port. quickly reinforced it was now SPL time to rally. 10 rallies have been setup and perfectly timed, no chance for PHR to reinforce in time. 

So there was not much left to do, but still PHR was not willing to give in. Buildings were scanned and every weakness was used. In the middle of the battle SPL failed in reinforcing one of the strongholds and were quickly kicked out. 

Of course they could not let that happen and again PHR saw perfectly setup rallies. 

They hit so hard, that even more soldiers went to hospital than have been brought to the battle:

Now PHR was eager to go for the mines and they managed to get at least one. Every Lord and Lady from PHR pulled all their soldiers out of the hospital to send them to the mine and very quickly it was fully reinforced. 

And again SPL was forced to rally. Fully reinforced Lord Tongafco was able to withstand 6 rallies, but as you can see in the end he was defeated. 

In the end the result was not a surprise, but PHR showed, that they are a good team and do not have to hide even against overpowered and outnumbered enemies.

I hope you enjoyed my chronicles, and if so, I ask you to give me a like, because nothing is more important for a chronicler than recognition!!!


GoTWiC Chronicler