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Article Publish : 03/19/2023 05:37
Edited by sildegar at 03/19/2023 05:43

Remove townlet. Its useless, take a lot of the phone memory for so few utility.

Review the ux of pvp/pve activities.

Review the daily reward, they are worthless even for a year anniversary, it should deserve a better love.

Remove the 7th sense items, levels, and make some trials to unlock the new skill.

Revamp the armor chest shop, add a pity treshold after a certain number of refresh.

Lower the xp needed to max out A and B unit.

Remove some pvp stuff like training arena and basic arena. Not fun. Enhance the rewards to compensate.

Remove astral key from the game. We all have tons of usless keys.

Review the cosmos farming, lot of cosmos are missing, you release a new cosmos far more often than you add new ones to rotation, make the daily available cosmo easy to read, some are still missing despite dropping.

Add some new tomes in hall of honor, and propose new challenges.

There were a lot of minigames before, 1 little rerelase would be nice

Review some ux roadmaps, for example going to the galactic wars you have to click the pvp icon, click the galactic war icon, then the townlet is loaded, then your avatar runs to camus, then a selection menu, then finally the pvp matchmaking button. Many ressources for nothing.

Balance the game by injecting flowers levels to youngest server fused with older one to catch up.The difference is huge, and the fights are too hard for younger accounts some of my legion members are disgusted by the fall of ranks.

Your app is getting heavier and heavier, you really should ligthen it by removing heavy useless memory filling garbage to keep it more stable...