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Alliance Conquest S14-R6: XBC vs. GCM

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Article Publish : 03/19/2023 05:19

Alliance Conquest S14-R6: XBC vs. GCM

After winning the first 4 rounds and losing versus BDR in the 5th round, XBC will be facing GCM. GCM only lost to XBC in the 3rd round so far and the loser of this match gets eliminated and won’t be able to participate in Ultimate Conquest. Before jumping into this match, let’s take a look at what happened in the 3rd round match between these two alliances!

XBC won all races except Tower of the Warrior and one of the Strongholds. Since they also defended pretty well, it wasn’t quite easy for GCM to get some points. After getting 80k points, XBC disbanded all buildings since they didn’t want to get too much points considering the next matchup.

For this match on Round 6, both alliances are expecting much better participation from their members and much better performance since the loser of this match won’t be able to participate in the Ultimate Conquest. Let’s get started and jump into the last match of this season's Alliance Conquest!

107 billions of power XBC participated to the match with 99 members, while 101 billions of power GCM participated to the match with 94 members.Both alliances sharpened their swords, forged their best armors, strengthened their shields and groomed their horses. When the bells rang for the first races, the fastest cavalries from both alliances started marching as fast as they could. 

Just like the first match, while XBC won races of 3 buildings out of 4, GCM won 1 of the races. (Temple of the Mother, Targaryen Outpost, Lannister Outpost, Tower of the Warrior)

Even tho it wasn’t the smoothest swap of XBC, they swapped wolfdragon in to the Lannister Outpost nicely.

The next stop of XBC was Temple of the Mother for the swap and they put UltiMayhem into the building but before any of the reinforcements could get into the building, one of the 4 counter marches(The Raider) of GCM hit the castle and successfully captured the building.

Since it was quite close to the GCM hive and XBC left it as last building to swap, Targaryen Outpost was quite easy to swap and they managed to put tyranic into the building.

Right after the swaps were completed, XBC decided to rally Temple of the Mother. GCM reinforced it but some of the XBC rallies just did too much damage and in the end Sparatocos successfully captured the building.

But in the meantime, GCM took the time of those rallies to their advantage and rallied Targaryen Outpost. Even though they traded potential speedups with losing Temple of the Mother, they captured a building that gives more points. So it’s relatively an advantage for both sides depending on how the match will be shaped.

A minute later all the chaotic rallies for both of those buildings return, another bell rings and the cavalries of both alliances start running as fast as they can to the ports. 

Both alliances captured their close ports but they implemented different strategies. A racer of XBC captured the building, while a player who can hold the castle captured the building from the GCM side. (Lannister Port, Targaryen Port)

As soon as possible, XBC started the swap operation for their port and put mak1 inside the building. Right after the bubble of far port drops, XBC started rallies. Right after the rallies were launched, XBC used rally speedups for the rallies since GCM didn’t start marching for the reinforcements. That helped XBC to capture the port easily.

After that, both sides started getting ready for the Casterly Rock race. XBC are on lead with 4k points difference and they want to start increasing the point difference. 

Another bell rings and both teams send out their fastest cavalries to capture that Casterly Rock. Luckily, GRAIN FARM is on a streak again and captures another building. It’s time to swap it now. (Casterly Rock)

But GCM also speeds up the counter marches and both sides get into the building at the same time. Roppet from GCM successfully counters the XBC swap and shows everyone that this is not the end of the match and GCM is willing to do everything they can to win this match!

GCM did not want to stay with capturing only CR, they also started rallies on their close port. XBC was thinking how to defend it since it is not their one of the strongest banners who’s holding the port. Then they decided to risk it and did an hardswap a bit before GCM launched the rallies for the port. They put KraKeNShroom in it. Even before XBC could fill the castle completely, GCM launched the rallies but the reinforcements were on point so they defended nicely. 

But GCM were not backing down. They decided to rally the same port once more!

But again, the defense was on point and XBC kept the port for themselves. 

Players heard the bells again, this time it was for strongholds… Both parties shared the strongholds one for each (Lannister Stronghold, Targaryen Stronghold)

After sharing the strongholds, XBC decided to take that Casterly Rock back now so they started rallies on it. Although the rally times were not the perfect one, reinforcements were also slacking a bit. So in the end, XBC managed to capture the CR with KOKARDO I’s rally.

Both alliances were slowly waiting for the last bell of the night to ring. In the meantime, XBC started some rallies to the Tower of the Warrior to bleed the enemy troops and GCM started some rallies to the outpost so they can get more points per minute. But both rallies ended up for the advantage of XBC, they managed to capture Tower of the Warrior with Jabber’s rally in the end and they also managed to defend the outpost. 

And in the end, that moment has arrived… Final bell of the night rang! Since XBC is holding more buildings for a while(especially with both ports and CR), they started increasing the point difference. But the problem is, if GCM gets both mines, they can actually win the match.

The minutes started to feel like hours and the seconds felt like minutes long. The races for the mines started and alliances shared the mines one for each. (Lannister Mine, Targaryen Mine)

While GCM filled the person who captured the mine as soon as possible, XBC decided to swap their mine. Even though that’s a risky decision, they thought it would be best to play with the way they’re used to. GCM had one countermarch incoming so they had to be fast.

They put Neodjeb inside the building and filled it fast, thankfully GCM couldn’t interfere with the swap.

The last minutes of the match were quite high paced. As soon as they swapped their mine, they also decided to rally the enemy mine. XBC set the rallies and launched them immediately after they were filled. After also capturing that mine with TheDentist’s rally, GCM gave up from competing since they thought it’s not possible to come back from this now. 

It was an awesome match overall and both alliances played really well. Congratulations to the GCM side for making it such a fun match and well played to everyone who participated!

With the result of this match, XBC will be able to participate to the Ultimate Conquest for this season and unfortunately GCM won’t be able to. It was a match where both alliances did everything they could do in order to participate to the UC but XBC prevailed. Now it’s time for XBC to start planning their road in UC and set their goals for this season.

Considering they won 5 matches out of 6 in this Alliance Conquest season, and only lost against one of the strongest alliances(BDR) they seem to have a nice organization and a good plan. Hope they keep on track for UC and complete the season successfully. 

Stay tuned for more…