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KOR does over 1.1 billion damage before leaving K36.

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 03/19/2023 05:15

Lord W0lfsbane was sitting at his desk enjoying a cup of wine. He stroked the head of his wolfhound and chuckled. He remembered the last Kingdom vs Kingdom battle, where the Lord of Light resurrected your troops. It was an enjoyable KvK, but he was chuckling because he remembered how Lord Yankee00 had asked to attack his castle with how bows to see if his lord would be captured. Lord W0lfsbane thought it was a strange request, but he had to admit that Lord Yankee00 was always entertaining. Lord Yankee00 was an odd lord. He wasn’t from Westeros. He was from a land further west of Westeros. He often spoke of the wealth in his kingdom and how everyone lived like kings. Lord Yankee00 once, when he was deep in his cups and spoke about their mad king building a great wall. A great wall, he said, but unlike Westeros, we are building ours to the South! How odd, Lord W0lfsbane had thought at the time, Lord Yankee00’s king must be of Targaryen blood.  Rhaenys Targaryen, Aegon the Conqueror’s sister who helped her brother-husband take over Westeros, dreamed of discovering what was west of Westeros on her dragon, Meraxes. Maybe she didn’t really die in Dorne and managed to sail west of Westeros.

Lord W0lfsbane shook his head. Thinking about Aegon the Conqueror always made his blood cold, when he remembers what his family had to give up, their swords forming part of the iron throne in Kings Landing. Lord Yankee00 had lost his lord when he attacked Lord W0lfsbane’s castle. Lord Yanke00 had laughed when this happened, and shouted “Yeehaw!”, which sounded like a donkey braying!

Lord W0lfsbane’s master walked in with a raven. “We have received a message from Kings Landing my lord, KOR and their dragons have left the kingdom, but not before they attacked Lord Yankee00’s castle.” KOR had invaded the kingdom a few days ago and had attacked any castles that they could.

Lord W0lfsbane’s blood went cold. Not his friend! Not Lord Yankee00! Lord W0lfsbane immediately jumped up from the chair, startling his wolfhound, and rushed to the stables to ride to see how his friend was.

He arrived at Lord Yankee00’s castle. It was destroyed, along with his other castles of Sfarmer and Jurong. Lord W0lfsbane looked at the devastation in horror. So much was lost. So many troops had died. Lord Yankee00 was in his dining room, slumped in his chair. He was halfheartedly playing a game where he had to bounce small white balls into painted red wooden cups filled with ale. Usually, that lifted his spirits, but this time it didn’t work.

Lord Yankee00 recalled what happened to Lord W0lfsbane. Lord Yankee00 had been out riding on his horse to look after his cattle. It was another eccentricity of his as he would also say that he is a cattleboy, and then laugh. But he wasn’t laughing now. He described how he was on his horse when he had seen the KOR’s dragons flying in the distance. He knew his castles were unprotected and they were unaware of the danger. He had to do something. He kicked his horse in the ribs and they started racing towards the castles. As he rode past the small hamlets he shouted “The KOR is coming! The KOR is coming!” He rode his horse hard, not stopping to rest, but he was too late. By the time he arrived, KOR had attacked and plundered all the cities under his protection! Had he arrived 30 minutes earlier the would’ve been able to have warned his people. But he was too late. Between his cities, he had lost over 1.1 billion in power.

Lord W0lfsbane patted his friend on the shoulder. “Don’t worry my old friend” he said “You did your best. I’m sure your people have learned their lesson to apply a 14-day truce when invaders are in the kingdom”. Lord W0lfsbane knew his friend needed some company, and so he spent the rest of the day playing that drinking game with the small white balls and red wooden cups. He didn’t remember how he got home, but he was lucky that his horse knew the way home.

The next day Lord W0lfsbane went to visit his friend Lord Yankee00 again, and to his horror he found his castles unprotected again! Had Lord Yankee00 learned nothing? He found Lord Yankee00 in the courtyard of the castle, riding a bucking pony and making those donkey noises again, swinging his hat in the air. “Lord Yankee00! Your castles are unprotected!”. Lord Yankee00 lost his concentration and the horse was able to buck him off. Lord Yankee00 landed on the ground in a cloud of dust. Lord W0lfsbane ran to his friend to see if he was ok, but his friend was laughing on the ground. “Don’t worry Lord W0lfsbane, my castles are empty and my troops are dead, I have nothing for them to take!” and Lord Yankee00 laughed so hard he had tears in his eyes. He scrambled in the dirt and picked up a feather. He looked at it for a moment and then stuck the feather in his hat. "Now this is macaroni," he said, collapsing in laughter.

Lord W0lfsbane shook his head and sighed. Lord Yankee00 was certainly an eccentric lord, but he was also a good friend. Despite his oddities, Lord W0lfsbane couldn't help but admire his courage and resilience in the face of adversity. And as he rode home, he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of Lord Yankee00 and his macaroni feather.