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Timer still bug since more 1 year - impossible to play GUANDU New mode since start + hlc /ww issue

General Disscussion
Article Publish : 03/18/2023 23:42

Since february 2022, timer of server merged EU20-29 is not the same as other server.

In result :

- we had Lost during 1 year in hlc / ww and timer false indication ans battle Time

- we now are enable to play GUANDU mode since start while other faction already played it 6+ Times

O wrote about that since more 1 year AT support, only got mocking and insult....

GT arcade Can u do your job ? We are loosing each weeks regards that we are obligé to cashop if we want to stay compétitive with EU 30+ !!!!!💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩