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[Review] The Result Analysis of Inter-Regional Group Point Elimination in Bracket 15: Server 115, 118, 121, and 126 in Season 10 — Throne of Supreme in the Infinity Kingdom!

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Article Publish : 03/18/2023 16:44

Welcome to the Infinity Kingdom's Forum!

A.) Introduction

Hey Yo!

What's up dude and dudettes?

I hope you are having great weekend!

I'm so glad to have you back in my article, Press Officer Tea, this time we will talk about the Latest and Hottest topic currently in the Infinity Kingdom namely Throne of Supreme. What can be expected from this article? then What are the contents of this spotlight? and How does this event works?. This article is expected to provide an overview and getting closer with Throne of Supreme for Final Results Brackets' 15 on Inter-Regional Group Point Elimination  in the Infinity Kingdom to let you know how this event works, especially for the beginners. 

Let's see together in more detail regarding how this ranking event works!

🏆 B.) Throne of Supreme

Do you know what Throne of supreme is? How far do you know about Inter-Regional Group Match Bracket 15? In general Throne of Supreme will be held once every 50 days following the first opening of the Throne of the Supreme tournament. Lords from various servers will congregate for this competition to compete for supremacy.

In theory, the Inter-Regional Group Elimination competition will only allow Lords Lv.11 and higher who adhere to the rules to participate. such as having been in use for at least 60 days. On the server, there are 100 Lords with a combined Power of 500,000 or more and at least 1,000 active Lords. You must place in the top 64 during point elimination in order to advance to the regional group.

In the Bracket 15 consist of following servers:

1.) Norheim#0115 ;

2.) Norheim#0118 ;

3.) Norheim#0121 ;

4.) Norheim#0126

It is the analysis for the final match of the Inter-Regional Group Elimination, which means the points have been fixed, and the final results will be posted in this article!

Therefore, let's take a closer look at the Throne of Supreme in more detail to find out the final rankings in the Inter-Regional Group Point Elimination.

✨ 1.) Group A — D

The first to be discussed here is the Group A to Group D from Brackets' 15. Basically this Inter-Regional Group Point Elimination Match is the Top 64 in each server. 

Group A — D consist of Server 121 and Server 115 with following details; 14 Lords from Server 121 represented by 5 Lords from NFG as Ruslan Kingdom, 7 Lords representative of EG as Vitas Kingdom, and 2 Lords TNG's representative as Ydvia Kingdom. On the hand there are 2 Lords from Server 115 Represented by RED Alliance and DH Alliance.

🏅 2.) Group E — H

Servers 121 and 115 succeed in making up Group E—H. From Server 121, 15 Lords are represented by 4 Lords from NFG as the Ruslan Kingdom, 7 Lords from EG as the Vitas Kingdom, and 4 Lords from TNG as the Ydvia Kingdom. On the other hand, Rdp the only Lord from RED representing from Server 115.


📑 3.) Group I — L

Do you know what inside Group I — L? In this Group 2 out of 16 outside Server 121 with following

Group I — L consists of Server 121 and Server 115, with the following details: 14 Lords from Server 121 represented by 3 Lords from NFG as Ruslan Kingdom, 5 Lords from EG as Vitas Kingdom, and 4 Lords from TNG as Ydvia Kingdom. There are also two Lords from outside Non-Aggressive Priorities Alliances, FA and [come] from Server 121, and two Lords from Server 115 represented by DH Alliance.

🖼️ 4.) Group M — P

Server 121, which has 14 players overall, dominates Group M—P. The section's winner is made up of 2 members of TNG—KML and Astral-Lys—and 1 member of EG—PR0JEC7 and 1 member of EG. There are also other Lord from Server 118 and 115.

📚C.) Conclusion 💠

In this article, we can conclude that the servers that enter the Inter-Regional Group Elimination Bracket 15 season 10 clearly we can see 121 being the top notch with total of 57 Lords and Server 115 with total of 6 Lords and 1 Lord from Server 118, Unfortunately there is no representative from Server 126. Let's play Throne of Supreme and be the winner to get an interesting rewards!

✨ Thank you for reading; maybe it was helpful and will assist you to learn more about Result of Inter-Regional Group Point Elimination in Bracket 15 Season 10 ~! ✨

📚 D.) Reference 💠

📚 E.) Additional Informations 💠

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