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[Review] The Result Analysis of Five Best Players in Crucial Variables During Season 2 — Illusion Battlefield Prime League in the Infinity Kingdom!

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Article Publish : 03/18/2023 13:12
Edited by ik_tea at 03/19/2023 11:49

Welcome to the Infinity Kingdom's Forum!

A.) Introduction

Hey Yo!

What's up dude and dudettes?

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I'm so glad to have you back in my article, Press Officer Tea, this time we will talk about the Latest and Hottest topic currently in the Infinity Kingdom namely Illusion Battlefield Prime League. What can we acknowledge from this article? So, what is the purpose of this spotlight? and How does this event perform?. This article is expected to provide an overview and getting closer with Best Players from Exclusive Alliances in the Infinity Kingdom during Illusion Battlefield Prime League Play-Offs Season 2 to let you know how this event works, especially for the beginners. It may serve as a point of reference for you as what should you do for individual ranking, so you can get best rewards for doing your best in future!

Let's see together in more detail regarding how this event works!

B.) Illusion Battlefield Prime

Do you know what Illusion Battlefield Prime is? How much are you familiar with Illusion Battlefield Prime's Individual Ranking in Season 2? In general, the leaderboard individual ranking standing for the Players that have been playing this match in this Season 2 with outstanding performance, Let's investigate this together!

Therefore, what is Championship Alliances in this event? let's take a closer look at this event!

✨ 1.) Best Players

This discussion will begin, with a definition of Best Players and the Variables. The IB Prime League will award prizes to the top-ranked Alliances also individual performance that have advanced past the entire match in this round. Last week, we already know if the final result in the Infinity Kingdom already announced! We can see best 3 players are moose from Server 38 representative from AöW as the best Battle Contribution in Season 2, MW from Server 105 represented as best players from AWG as the top Prosperity Destroyed in Season 2, LucaLight from Server 57 as best players from NGU as the top Tower Contributuon in Season 2.

Now, Let's take a closer look inside each section!

🏅 2.) Top Battlefield Contribution

Do you know what is the terminology of Battle of Contribution in this section? Basically it is the best performance for defending castle, hitting castle with garrison, hitting garrison tower, defending garrison tower, and occupying tower during Illusion Battlefield Prime League Play-Off.

First, let's take a look at the players on the top tier, namely AöW on the top rank, moose as a lord representative from server 38 from Kingdom Ruslan, which already fight this entire match with outstanding perfomance!

There are 2 Lords from Server 38 represented by AöW and 2 Lords from Server 57 represented by NGU Alliance and Boss, also 1 Lord from Server 105 in the Infinity Kingdom

The next topic we will take a look on the top ranking in Illusion Battlefield Prime League Season 2 in the Infinity Kingdom! Let's move forward.

📑 3.) Top Prosperity Destroyed

Do you know what is Prosperity Destroyed in this topic discussion? Basically Prosperity Destroyed is the numbers to determine how much your marches destroyed others lords Prosperity, with garrison or without garrison.

Which Servers and Alliances are they come from? Top 1 in the Prosperity Destroyed section is occupied by MW who is a member of AWG from Server 105 with a score that far exceeds the limit of rank 2, namely with a score of 2,701,138. In this section there are 2 Lords from Server 105, 1 Lord from Server 38, 1 Lord from Server 57, and 1 Lord from Server 8.

📑 3.) Top Tower Contribution

Do you know what is Tower Contribution in this section? In general, Tower Contribution is the value numbers that achieved from killing as much as possible other lords during defending or attacking tower in the Illusion Battlefield Prime League Playoffs and Occupying Tower. It is the most crucial variable, since this is the determination for the match. The more tower you can hold for long duration of battle, the more chance of you for winning the match.

So, who is the best Players in this section? Broadly speaking there are 2 Lords from Server 57 that achieved the best rank for top 5 in Tower Contribution, 1 Lord from Server 49 represented as Zero Remorse, 1 Lord from Server 105 represented as AWG, and 1 Lord from Server 38 representative from VEX.

📚C.) Conclusion 💠

The Illusion Battlefield Prime League for Season 2 has been finised, we can conclude that there are 3 main variables in determining the victory of Illusion Battlefield Prime League namely Battlefield Contribution, Prosperity Destroyed, and Tower Contribution. The Lord with the highest rank through the variables above certainly plays very well, it is very likely that if they all live together in 1 alliance, then it is very likely that the Alliance could win the Illusion Battlefield Prime League! In addition, the benefits of being on top of course can also be felt for the Lords' companion Alliance. Good luck on the next event in the Infinity Kingdom!

✨ Thank you for reading; maybe it was helpful and will assist you to learn more about the Championship Alliances in the Illusion Battlefield Prime League Season 2! ✨

📚 D.) Reference 💠

📚 E.) Additional Informations 💠

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