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Cidian Coburn

General Discussion
Article Publish : 03/16/2023 10:38

in answer too the post i just seen about me saying that i have no discipline yet here in the froum i have to ask how do i get it?

i have leveled up my castle to level 17 when this upgrade is compleated, i do not fight anyone that is least 11 level above me and i don't fight them if they are below 11 levels from my own if that isn't discipline then what is?

fight with honor and valor not to bully other people the game isn't fun if all you can do is hand over your resources to a bigger city each day.

i joke around yes, why not it makes some people smile and its well worth the effort.

i don't know how the Alliance feels about me that i am in but at least they know that i can be counted on in the end.

i protected a smaller city within the alliance and gave gold coins out to another player i did not ask for anything in return.