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[FAQ]Weirwood Update FAQs

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Article Publish : 03/15/2023 15:07

Weirwood Update FAQs

 *Special thanks to Chroniclers Lord Pratap for his guidance and kindly help on this FAQ.

We've listed some of the frequently asked questions in order to help you better understand the rules.



Q: Where do I use the new medals which I get from the new Weirwood?

A: There are 3 types of medals which can be obtained from the new Weirwood: Bronze, Silver and Golden medals. These medals can be used to increase the level of your commanders. Earlier, we used to give commanders commander’s food items to promote them to a higher level but now that has been replaced with the concept of these ‘medals’.

Q: What is the difference between the medals and the tokens?

A: “Medals” are useful to promote your commanders to higher levels, for example, from level 60 to 65 after first level of awakening, etc. On the other hand, “Weirwood Tokens” can be used to buy commander medals from the new ‘Weirwood Shop’.



Q: How do we use Bronze, Silver and Golden Medals which we get from Weirwood?

A: Assuming your Lord level is 60 and so are all your commanders, you can awaken your commanders and then raise their level further. But as per the new Weirwood, ‘army size’ is not determined by the level alone, they are determined by the ‘Promotion’ of your commander as well.

● 1-star Awakening: Commander level can go up to 65

● 2-star Awakening: Commander level can go up to 70

● 3-star Awakening: Commander level can go up to 75

● 4-star Awakening: Commander level can go up to 80

Also, if your Lord level is 58 for example, and then you increase it to 59, then also you can promote all your commanders to level 59 using these Medals.

So basically, every time there is an opportunity to ‘Promote’ your commander, you can use these medals.

Q: What is the significance of ‘Promotion’ in current Weirwood if we still need commander food items to increase level and Awakening books and token for awakening the commanders?

A: “Promotion” decides the maximum allowed level of your commander. Therefore, if you haven’t promoted your commander but still have awakened him to 4-star, you won’t be able to increase his level because you won’t get the option to use the commander's food items. Therefore, it’s necessary that you first promote your commander, it then allows you to increase his/her level to 65 from 60 and then you can use the commander's food items. So, considering your commander is at level 60 right now but is fully/partially awakened, you need to follow the below sequence:

Awakening (Awakening books and Medals) → Promotion (Medals) → Level up (Food items)

Q: I am highly confused about the army size we get from the commanders? Is it 13,000 or 15,000 and what’s the maximum army buff I can get?

A: For every commander, the ‘Number of soldiers brought by army’ can be increased through ‘Awakening’ the commander and then increasing his level! When a commander is increased to level 70, then it gives you the boost of 15,000 now instead of 13,000. But if you Promote your commander as well, then it will provide an army size of 21,000. So based on the commander’s levels and promotion, army size bonus would be:

Let’s have a look at an example:


As we can see here, Uma has not been awakened yet and therefore the maximum available level for her is 60. But when we click on “Commander Promotion”, the pop-up shows “Increased Max Commander Level….. Lv. 60 → Lv. 65”. The point to be noted here is that it doesn’t actually increase the level of the commander, that can only be increased through commander food items.

Also, it increased the Army Size under the “Troop Attributes” section. Therefore, even if your commander is at level 60 but is not Promoted, you won’t get the max army size possible from that level.

Q: How to change formations?

A: That’s a pretty simple query. You can change the formation for each Weirwood stage by clicking on the yellow ‘Challenge’ button at the bottom right screen.


Q: Some of my commanders lost some levels post the update. Why is that?

A: After the update, there were some adjustments made with the commanders levels and items. In case your commander’s level was decreased, you can still raise his level back to the original level it was on, before the update.

You can use Bronze, Silver and Golden medals to increase your commander level again.


Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any other questions.