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Alliance Bank

General Discussion
Article Publish : 03/15/2023 08:38

Great idea (Yes I can be positive) You can even let it go into "Hibernation" and the alliance resources can be available by creating the bank building again.

Two issues I have with it.

  1. When sending to it you have to click on it for each time you send one load to it. Maybe make it the same as when you send resources to an alliance member?
  2. When sending from the Alliance bank to a player the resources will go to that players Husband/Wife if they are married in the game instead of the player it suppose to go to. This can be a problem if one has a truce on and the other does not. Plus if it goes to the wrong partner and has to be sent from one partner to the other. This causes more tax.

Fix those two issues and I would then say it is perfect.