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To the Developers.

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Article Publish : 03/13/2023 18:54

I have to say the developers are doing a excellent job in one way for sure. They keep adding "Upgrades" to make players stronger. From a business model point of view they have it right. As soon as a new commander, weapon upgrade, a upgrade to upgrade the upgrade, new better castle skins etc. those who spend spend right away and suck up all the new candies.

I applaud the developers for having those who spend big money on the game addicted to all the new goodies so they can think they are somebody in some way. This helps keep the game alive.

Keep the fools a spending by releasing more new goodies so they can keep on bullying and destroying all the little and non spenders. We all know they never fight each other. lol

Be interesting to see if they have withdraw symptoms if they game ever becomes non profitable and gets shut down. I bet they would and they sure would not be happy. Seen it happen before with other games.

Also it is fun laughing at them.