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【Rewards Sent】Tell Us How You Feel about the Update on Mar 9th!

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Article Publish : 03/13/2023 17:13
Edited by handoftheking at 04/06/2023 10:57

【Rewards Sent】

Thank you all for your love and participated in our last event! Rewards have been sent via in-game mail to the winners listed below. Please don't forget to check them out!(☆ω☆)Thank you all!

P.S: We can not find the players in the yellow area, please make sure that your ID is correct.

GoT Winter is Coming Team


Greetings Lords and Ladies!

This is the 67th poll about updates and we are looking forward to reading your feedback hence reporting to our Old Gods. Check HERE to learn the details of the update on Mar 9th.


Devs have added Deployable Commander List into the Siege of Winterfell Training Camp and All-Out War. Royal Lords and Ladies can view information of commander’s Strategic Skills though it.

For new Lords and Ladies just came to Westeros who don’t know how to upgrade the research technologies, Devs have added tips about Recommended Researches in Maester’s Tower. Hope this adjustment will help you a little bit! Tell us how you like this change!

And for the new ‘Mentor - Apprentice’ system, it will also be accessible in ‘More’ menu at bottom of the screen. Hopefully this change will make it easier for you to use.

Here we come to the Bug-fix part. In this update, Devs have fixed the issue Gold Dragon Counter in Dragon Blessing is not refreshed in time and the menu disappears sometime when clicking the "Change" button in Lord’s Profile page.

We are eager to see your true feelings and feedback!

Please be sure to VOTE based on your true feelings about the update in order to help make improvements. Post your feedback in a new reply and get a chance to win awesome rewards, more importantly, to help make the game better for you and all players!


Event Duration: 00:00, 13/3/2023 – 23:59, 22/3/2023 UTC


Event Rewards:

100 lucky players will be randomly selected to receive Speed Up 3 Hours*5, Honor Banners *10, Truce 24 Hours*1, [Rare] Badge Chest*1, Diamond*2,000


Event Rules:

1. Post your feedback in a NEW REPLY.

2. Your reply should include your ID and kingdom number (e.g. ID:1234567890123456789, K20). [You can check out your ID in More>Customer Support.)



1. Please leave the correct ID and kingdom number so that rewards can be well received. Limited to one entry per player.

2. The winner list will be published and rewards will be sent to you in-game mail within 3-5 working days once the event ends.