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Handbook Resources -- total recharge purchase not available in hot events

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Article Publish : 02/07/2023 01:50
Edited by shanratoo at 02/07/2023 03:24

IGN -- Shanra

server -- ub106

platform -- fb


I am at a disadvantage when it comes to hand resources since I cannot purchase them from direct shop given the issues some people have linking in from facebook (doesn't recognize my toon for purchases requiring direct recharge, altho can collect free daily gift and purchase items for diamonds for some reason). So I try to get hand resources when they come up in hot events.

So today I recharged, $20, $40 and then another $40 to be able to purchase the stones, as you will note if you look at the various purchases. The one lit up in the screen shot below is the one requiring Desert Death to be lvl 20 and a second $40 recharge. You will also note I had collected the one that required a singe $20 recharge.

My issue is that hot events is not allowing me to purchase the stones when Desert Death is lvl 20 and a total $100 recharge has been made. I have obviously met both those requirements as evidenced by the screen shot.

Please fix this -- I am not sure how you are going to provide me with the opportunity to buy these stones given it is a one day event but please figure it out. This is not acceptable -- particularly when it is the only opportunity for players like me to obtain the stones for planned future use since they are unavailable to me in direct shop.

While you are at it, would be great if there was a bag in direct shop purchasable for diamonds for hand resources similar to that offered for unbreakable bond breakthrough gems -- it is still very limited for facebook platform users but at least it is something.