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Quickbooks to Drupal integration

General Discussion
Article Publish : 10/01/2021 23:51

Create a Drupal QuickBooks Integration to import customers, products, variations, and orders.

Proposed resolution

  • Create a new Import Soap Service and use it to create a new import process.
  • Create new migration files to allow Quickbooks data to be imported into Drupal.
  • For the import procedure, create new migration tables.
  • To configure import settings, create a new settings file.
  • Create a new QWC Import generator that consumers can use to create the file that will be uploaded to the QB WebConnector.
  • When you click 'Update Selected' on the QB WebConnector on the import file, the same thing happens as when you click 'Update Selected' on the export file.
  • All import migrations are loaded.
  • Since the previous time the import ran, it gathers all newly updated customers, items, variations, and orders.
  • Goes through the migration process and creates/updates Drupal entities.
  • Create a couple of new mapping functions to check if the object has already been mapped in the migrate map import/export tables on either import or export.
  • If this is the case, instead of establishing a new entity, obtain the relevant sourceid/destid and update it.