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Article Publish : 02/03/2023 23:55

Do you want to unleash wrath and rain hellfire on your enemies. If so, then look no further because we have assembled the best fire immortals Infinity Kingdom guide for beginners.

Fire-type immortals brings a lot of utility and powerful skills that makes them one of the most feared element in the game. They gain additional damage bonus against Wind-type immortals, which makes these Fire-type immortals ideal if you are looking to gain an elemental advantage against your opponents.

One of the most powerful fire immortals in the game is Hippolyta. The Queen of the Amazon is armed with a very strong fire skill called Flaming Smite that does 120% physical damage against a random troop five times. Each strike reduces the target’s energy by 100 and decreases their attack speed up to 50% for 6 seconds.

Hippolyta specializes in shieldmen troops and excels at the role as an attacker. Lords who are looking for a solid fire immortal that can deliver powerful strike to destabilize an opponent’s force will definitely want to have Hippolyta on the team. As this fire immortal can make a quick work one by one with her active skill.

Another solid fire immortal that excels at attack role. Frederick is a very powerful legendary immortal that is capable of damaging strikes while restoring his troops with active skill.

His active skill is called Path of Flame that does 520% physical damage against targets directly in the front of Frederick I. Upon hitting the targets, he recovers 30% of the total health based on the damage done.

If you are looking for a decent fire immortal that can do serious amount of damage and act as a powerful tank at the same time. You will absolutely love to have Frederick I on your team due to his impressive skill set. This legendary immortal specializes in spearmen which counters cavalry troops.

William I is one of the most popular legendary immortal in the game. His raw power is not to be underestimate in Infinity Kingdom. Specializing in cavalry troops and powered with fire magic abilities, William I makes to the list as one of the best attackers in the game.

Every Lord knows how important it is to be able to destroy enemy’s city in matter of seconds to minimize loss. This is where William the Conqueror comes into the play with his active skill called Skyfire. William I can deal 420% physical damage to the targets directly ahead and increases all of friendly troops’ critical rate chance by 20% for 6 seconds.

This means all of Immortals and troops in your party will benefit from the critical rate chance bonus to deliver powerful and damaging strikes against the opponent. William I is a very good fire immortal to have in the party.

As we move to ranged fire immortals, meet Empress Wu. She is one of the best support fire immortal in the game due to her awesome skill set. If you are looking to expand your party with a support immortal that can help deliver additional damage, get Empress Wu.

Her active skill is called Imperial Fire and it does 600% magical damage to one target. In addition to that, there is a 60% chance to deal equal amount of damage to nearby random target up to three times. Which means this active skill actually have the potential to deal 2,400% magical damage, the highest out of all fire immortals.

Empress Wu specializes in bowmen and her position-type is magic, which makes her a back-row immortal by default. She is a decent fire immortal to have in the team if you need additional damage output.

If you prefer to have a fire immortal that can reliably deliver a steady amount of powerful, damaging attacks. Ashoka easily fills in the role as a ranged immortal thanks to his bowmen specialization and unique position-type.

This legendary immortal has an active skill called Arrow of Naraka. Whenever Ashoka activates his active skill, he shoots a powerful fire arrow and does damage against targets directly ahead of him for 420% physical damage. There’s also a 50% chance to double the damage, which brings total damage a whooping 840%.

Ashoka is the decent legendary fire immortal for any Lords who wants to be able to further increase damage output and to gain an additional fire-type range support in the party.

Skilled Lords know how important it is to have an immortal that can provide support such as stunning enemies, silencing them and reducing their resilience to make it easier to defeat them. This is where Cyrus the Great shines the most in this role.

Since he specializes in bowmen troops and fills in the role as a support fire immortal, he will take back-row position by default. However, his active skill called Static Armor is a very interesting one.

Whenever he activates his active skill, up to two random enemy targets will have a 25% stun chance when being critically hit for 3 seconds. In addition to that, the targets’ resilience will be reduced by 15%.

This makes Cyrus the Great and William I an awesome combo to have in the team since they can massively boost your entire party’s combat capabilities due to skill synergy.

If you do not have any of these legendary fire immortals yet, you will want to start with Spartacus. He is a decent epic immortal that excels at the role as an attack and specializes in commanding shieldmen troops.

Spartacus can use his active skill called Freedom’s Wrath to increase the attack speed of his troops by 50% and recover 100% of damage as health for 6 seconds. This active skill easily turns Spartacus into a powerful tank thanks to hybrid of damage and healing capabilities.

Spartacus’ combat capability with his active skill is greatly improved when in the same party with William I and Cyrus the Great as the increased attack speed will quickly stun enemy targets.

Lords who wants to defend their city effectively against potential attackers and would like to use a fire-type immortal to protect should get Sanada Yukimura. This epic immortal is awesome for defending your city due to his powerful active skill called Raging Flames.

His active skill inflicts 330% physical damage to the enemy targets directly ahead and reduces their damage by 30% for 6 seconds. This is especially very important skill to have whenever you are defending your city because it will reduce the attacker’s combat effectiveness.

While you can garrison your party with powerful immortals to counter the attackers, Sanada Yukimura will be able to effectively neutralize the attackers with ease. This epic immortal excels at the defensive role and specializes in cavalry troops.

Lastly, if you want to have a fire immortal that can increase your party’s attack speed and damage. Then you might want to get Edward and develop him into a strong fire immortal. Thanks to his active skill called Burning Plume that increases attack speed and damage by 40% for 6 seconds.

The temporary buff alone is massive enough to deliver a short burst of damage to the enemy targets. Edward specializes in bowmen and fills in the role as a ranged immortal, which means he defaults to the back-row in the party.

Edward is a decent fire immortal if you are looking to take advantage of attack speed and damage bonus.

Fast energy spam with wu super nuke

12-18s will wipe most of enemies

Or weaken enough to finish off easy

Only way people beat builds like these are via

counter cutting