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IK Valentine Carnival Event!

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Article Publish : 01/31/2023 18:32

🥳IK Valentine Carnival Event!!!! (ง︡'-'︠)ง

Gtarcade APP New Year Event has launched!😍 All carnival gift packs are available now❗️

❤️Each month IK will have exclusive benefits for the first 5 days, giftpacks will grant an extra 20% Bonus Gem❤️.

In this event, we offered 5 new discounted gift packs including new game limited props.

Also, new players can download Gtarcade APP to claim free newbie benefits(Worth $20). Don't hesitate to join us and win more discounts🙌

🎁Carnival Gift:

🎈There will be 10 packages offering 20% bonus gems. Except for the regular gift voucher and tools, extra gems will be sent based on the 20% price of the package

$1=Gems*100,for example: $100 gift package will give extra 2000 gems

🎈Every new player can also claim a newbie gift (Worth $20, once per account). We also provide weekly free gift(Worth $5) and daily free gift(Worth $1) for every player!

Come and invite your friend to download the official Gtarcade APP!

Download link:

🍦How to join the Carnival:

You can visit Gtarcade Shop to buy the package through - Home-Benefits-Gtarcade Shop.

Event Link:

🍦How to use Voucher:

1. You only need to choose the in-game packs as equivalent to the voucher, the Voucher will automatically deduct the price.

2. You can check your voucher through Items-Other.