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10 Tips for beginners

Article Publish : 09/15/2020 21:58
Edited by illusion valish at 11/26/2020 16:33

1. Focus on leveling up your castle.

2. Join an alliance and make some friends.

3. Calendar is the best guide for you.

4. Commit to finish 7-Day King Arthur event and obtain the King Arthur.

5. Upgrade Immortal properly – Do not underestimate purple Immortals.

Purple immortals are great option to use since they are faster to level up.

Robin hood is used a lot because he is so easy to promote.

Helen of troy i have seen many use.

Arminius a few fb players have suggested their friends to use.

6. Immortal combination.

7. Suitable equipment for Immortal will give you an attribute bonus.

8. Do not ever stop researching – Research order is an essential point for you preeminent above all your rivals.

9. Use your idle troops to gather resource and send the best troops to fight the gnome units.

10. Always use your unused stamina points to raid the previous stages for development items if you are stuck with a stage.