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Infinity Kingdom Guide: Academy Research-Taking a step ahead of the others!

Article Publish : 09/15/2020 21:46

The Academy unlocks at Castle level 10 and gives you access to different technology options.

If you have trouble finding your objectives in game, try to quickly upgrade your Castle to level 10 to unlock the Academy! The Academy offers you technologies that will help you in military actions, resource productions, fortification improvement and Immortal upgrades. Completing research will also give you a nice Power boost.

Upgrading the Academy to a new level will increase the research speed by 0.5%. Higher Academy level means higher research speed and extra Power. You have 4 branches in the Academy: Production, Defense, War and Immortal.

1. The production technologies will increase your resource production, help you expand your production buildings, increase your resource production or gathering speed, and eventually increase the carrying capacity for your troops. Production related technologies will also grant you a good Power boost.

2. Defense technologies will improve the Attack and Defense for your fortifications and increase the number of fortifications you can manufacture. You have to research the specific technologies first to be able to manufacture the high-level fortifications.

3. War technologies will improve the Attack and Defense for your troops and grant you access to higher-tier troops. Some technologies will also increase the troop training speed, troop HP, single training capacity, Training Grounds capacity and Hospital capacity.

4. Immortal technologies will improve the Physical Attack, Magical Attack, Physical Defense, and Magical Defense for your Immortals. The basic attributes will then increase the Accuracy, Dodge, Crit and Resilience for your Immortals.

Research take time. So which branch should one start with in the beginning of the game? If you prefer war over production, you should always start with the War tech branch. You should first focus on increasing the tier level for the troop types commanded by your best Immortals. High-tier troops are simply stronger and will allow you to challenge high-level targets on the World Map for Immortal equipment. A stronger army will also help your progress in the Well of Time, where you can get tons of EXP. rolls for Immortals. You can enjoy some epic battles in between the troop upgrades. Here are the troop tiers technologies:

You can choose to work on both the War technologies and Immortal technologies if you prefer fighting. Immortal related technologies mostly help you in collecting equipment from the Gnome units on the map and in farming Immortal upgrading materials from the Well of Time stages. High-tier troops will improve your overall winning rate.

If you prefer a more peaceful way like building up your Castle, you can start with technologies on the production and defense branches. Those technologies will grant you a bonus for production and city construction, a better defense will also help you secure a safer city.