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Support Ticket (again)

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Article Publish : 01/19/2023 22:08
Edited by angelcharmer at 01/19/2023 22:15

This is my 3th topic about 3 support tickets concerning 1 issue.

  • First ticket (8687902) was created on the 9th of October, and was closed shortly after I got a reply to provide certain information (3th of December).
  • Second ticket (8716464) was created on the 7th of December, and was closed on the 15th of January; while waiting for an answer. reason was that the ticket reached more than 72 hours!!!
  • Third ticket (8730151) was automatically created when I responded in the 2nd ticket after it was closed, on the 16th of January. So it got reopened by a new ticket number. It is an exact copy of the 2nd ticket, but it is missing the screenshots I provided.

First of all it doesn't add up to close a ticket because it reached more than 72 hours while I'm trying to solve the issue for over 3 months! Certainly because they don't do anything at all, for over 72 hours.

I demand to get support about my issue and that it be solved within the next 72 hours! I've waited long enough and provided all the necessary information they asked for.