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UPDATE -V6.58.0 Transmogrify,Minerva

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 01/17/2023 18:44

Update time: 2023-1-30

New feature:

  1. Transmogrify
  • Outfit and Transmogrify will be combined into Appearance system
  • Obtain Transmogrify to unlock certain skills and gain lots of BR

New contents:

  1. Paragon Hero: Minerva
  2. Ragnarok+ Companion: Rock Golem
  3. Ragnarok+ Soul Armor: Seraph's Halo
  4. Ragnarok Mount: Tempest Kun
  5. Ragnarok+ Wings: Flames of Destruction - Ascended
  6. Valorium Title: Eternal Love & Heart's Desire
  7. Special insignia: A New Year & Amora's Gift
  8. Outfit augment: Arcane Academy
  9. Transmogrify:Spring Lion Dance

Game improvements:

  1. Reduced the level requirements for crafting Valorium equipment to lv.180
  2. Improved rewards of Apex Clash League
  3. Improved rewards of Warring States
  4. Improved rewards of Weekly Quest
  5. Adjusted super login rewards
  6. Improved rewards of X-Server League
  7. Improved rewards of Hero League
  8. Improved rewards of daily chest in The Luminaries
  9. Improved rewards of Ancient Treasures and Ancient Tasks
  10. Added Valorium+ Heroes to the rewards pool of Feature Hero Event