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Update 20200907

Article Publish : 09/07/2020 11:55 Last edited : 09/07/2020 11:55

My Guardians! We are having a new update on Sep 7! Come and check what's new !

Update Content:

[New Metamorph] The Eternal One 

[New Pet] Kassadar 

[New Mount (Red)] Mecha Bird

We also fixed some bugs :

1) Fixed a bug that players weren’t able to activate Iron Colossus in French language interface.

2) Fixed a date error in Lunar Shop which shows the wrong date -Sep 31.

3) Fixed a bug that friends list number does not match the actual number.

4) Fixed a bug in Faction Effect of Shade by Lucifron's awaken

Update Date:

14:00-17:00 Sep 7 HKT

07:00-10:00 Sep 7 EU

02:00-05:00 Sep 7 EST