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Alliance Conquest - A League - Play offs - UTB vs B0W

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 12/10/2022 07:16

Season 13 continues with a round 5 match in Alliance Conquest Play offs between UTB and B0W.

These two alliances have already played against each other when they met in round 2 of UC and it was a win at that time for UTB.

Will B0W beat them this time or will it be a 2 - 0 win for UTB?

Before the match gets started let us have a look at the top power players from each alliance.



We can also check out the stratagems that have been selected.

So we have three passive stratagems, Alliance Conquest - Healing, Alliance Conquest - Counter and Alliance Conquest - Anti Counter. These all run for the entire match.

And finally we have the debuff which applies to both alliances. For this match the debuff is Scorching Sun.

There are great attendance figures from UTB at 91 castles on the map.  B0W showing 78 castles on the map.   UTB have a good advantage as the match gets underway.

It is a good start for UTB. They have taken the Tower of the Warrior and the two Outposts.  B0W racers arrived first at the Temple of the Mother.

There are no early rallies, it looks like everyone is waiting for the Ports to open up first.

A very nice double take of the Ports by B0W.

B0W swaps out successfully at the enemy Port but UTB are rallying will B0W be able to hold on there?

No they cannot hold the enemy Port and UTB are back in control there again.

Casterley Rock is open and the arrows are streaming in from both sides.

B0W takes Casterley Rock!

But it is not all good news for them as UTB takes the enemy Port.

UTB takes both of the Strongholds.

A succession of quick rallies sees B0W pushing back though and they take back their Port and both of the Strongholds.

UTB are rallying for the enemy Port and B0W have the same idea.  Both sets of rallies are going to hit at the same time!

B0W failed to take the enemy Port but UTB did take their enemy Port.

UTB keeps up the momentum in the bottom of the map and also takes over the enemy Stronghold.

B0W are stepping up too and going for Casterley Rock again and they take it!

A series of more rallies from B0W sees them taking back their Port and both the Strongholds again.

But UTB are pushing hard now and rallies are coming thick and fast!!

Tholking takes back Casterley Rock for them.  Then in quick succession all the buildings held by B0W changed hands.

The Mines are coming up soon.

Both alliances get to their own Mines first, now they need filling fast.

B0W loses their Mine! Smeagol takes it over for UTB.

No way back now for B0W.

It is a win for UTB and on to the next round for them and the end of UC for B0W.

Let us have a look at some of the match statistics.