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Ultimate Conquest:BDR versus FDH

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 12/10/2022 06:58

Ultimate Conquest: BDR versus FDH

Hello, peasants and trolls and welcome back to another edition of story time with your fellow peasant and troll, Jabber. Today we go on a magical journey to a place far far away in a time long long ago. Let your imagination wander and glimpse into this tale of battle, intrigue, betrayal and lust. We will get a front row seat to the Ultimate Conquest match between BDR and FDH. This should be a very entertaining match so let's get to the action!

Uh oh... both FDH and BDR come to the fight with 99 players. This means that both FDH and BDR have 99 problems and a troll ain't one. Wakka wakka. Army parity between the two opponents this match means that troop superiority down the stretch isn't a factor.

FDH are faster off the line and are able to control the Temple of the Mother, the Tower of the Warrior and one of the strongholds. BDR is able to take the other stronghold. Knowing BDR... they will rally very soon.

No need to rally if you are able to steal the Temple of the Mother. FDH try to swap out the garrison on the Temple of the Mother and BDR are able to take it from FDH. Nice steal to BDR Patton.

Without missing a beat BDR rallies the enemy stronghold and with great timing are able to take control of the stronghold. And in less than 4 minutes into the game BDR goes from 1-3 to 3-1 with building occupation. Very nicely done.

Prior to the ports opening up BDR and FDH exchange hands for the Tower of the Warrior and the Temple of the Mother.

The race begins and ends... BDR captures both of the ports and now enjoy a large points per minute advantage over the FDH alliance. FDH will have to start rallying targets soon.

Well timed rallies give FDH their port but they are still down on the points per minute.

FDH Tominy is first on the scene at Casterly Rock and he anoints himself king of Westeros. But I'm pretty sure FDH will swap out Tominy for another King... and BDR will try to intercept that swap. Let's see if Jabber is correct.

Jabber was right x2! FDH is able to swap out Casterly Rock and to keep control of it. BDR was very close to stealing this location as well but FDH pulled it out.

BDR starts to assert themselves this match as they win rally after rally and keep pushing back the FDH alliance who now only control the strongholds. The points per minute advantage is heavily in BDR's favor right now.

It doesn't take long before a shout is heard in the kingdom, "BULLY!!!". A finger is pointed towards BDR and they shrug. BDR has pushed FDH down and is keeping them there. The stronger rally leads, expert timing and coordination of BDR is not to be underestimated.

BDR is controlling the match. FDH will take a few buildings and then lose them and then retake them. FDH never gets into a position to challenge for the win.

Well done BDR for a greatly played match. Thanks to the FDH alliance who were beat by a superior team this day.