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Last KvK of the year2022: K57 v K287

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 12/09/2022 23:19

At last the final War of the Kingdoms event has arrived for all those who play the browser game, Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming! All players will be particularly looking forward to all the battles that can occur during the two day event known as War of The Kingdoms. In this story, the tales and legends that have occurred will be retold between K57 and their illustrious foes for the December 2022 War of the Kingdoms. War of the Kingdoms is an event where all alliances in a particular kingdom put on a united front to compete in warfare or gathering purposes which earn points for their respective kingdom. The day was chilly and a new story is about to unfold for K57 inhabitants.

As the day began on a frosty December 2022 morning, the monthly two day event called War of the Kingdoms began. Life was pretty hectic in the land of Westeros in the weeks preceding from the aftermath of the November 2022 War of the Kingdoms where players were busily gathering resources, producing resources and completing the many daily tasks to improve their battle performance and alliance performance in the browser game, Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. For K57, when the first day of the War of the Kingdoms began, there was a new development. The Lord of Light’s Blessing (Image 1) was announced as a trial which enables the great cities in the land of Westeros to be reinforced without causing a player to have fervor unless the player scouts the great city beforehand. This is a significant development and a definite improvement in gameplay as many players can now choose to reinforce when they were unlikely to do so before this War of the Kingdoms due to the application of fervor upon said players. Great news and lets see what happens next between K57 and their opponent, K287.

Image 1: December KvK Lord of Light Blessing (Trial)

Eight hours out of twenty-four hours have passed since the War of the Kingdoms began for the month of December. ACM has joined the fray and discovered that K287 are more formidable as they have earned over three times the amount of points more than K57. The current play is that K57 has over four hundred fifty million kvk points and K287 has nearly 1.2 billion kvk points. Can K57 close the massive gap over the next sixteen hours of play?

Image 2: Battle report at 817am

Twenty minutes later, the battle reports are starting to roll in that involve ACM players. Image 2 reveals a player from ACM called HATTIS has been zeroed by an overwhelming player from K287 from an alliance called DEA where the commanders are all equipped with either legendary or epic main weapons plus all the different types of troops at Tier 4 or Royal level. 

So onwards bound, K57 then took a look at the kingdom 287’s holding of great cities on their own kingdom (Image 3). Only the great city of Sunspear on K287 was being held by a K57 Alliance, UWF with the rest of the great cities like King’s Landing being held by fellow K287 members.

Image 3: K287 954AM

From this point on, K57 bega trying to close the gap and compete with the rate 0f points earned by fighting ferociously or gathering resources. At 1017 am server time, K57 has over four hundred and sixty-six million kvk points and K287 has over 1.2 billion points still. ACM has contributed a grand total of twelve million kvk points so far. Forty minutes later, Duke Nacoya has gained over a million points and helps to take ACM to over fourteen million kvk points. Thirty minutes later, K57 had increased their kvk points by one hundred million whereas K287 had added another three hundred million kvk points to their total revealing that for every point gained by K57, K287 were earning triple the amount of points. What a rate of point earning! At 1222 pm server time, K57 had added an additional eighty million points to their total which was absolutely terrific whereas K287’s rate had significantly decreased as they had only gained an additional fifty million points. Two minutes later, ACM had increased their point contribution to December 2022’s KvK to over nineteen million kvk points. Half an hour later, ACM added another two million kvk points to the total. Thus, after another quarter of an hour, K57 had increased their overall point total to over 650 million kvk points and K287 still had 1.5 billion kvk points. Then K57 increased their points to over 710 million points thus decreasing the gap by half as K287 had only double instead of triple the amount of the points. ACM had also reached the sixth rank in the alliance league for the December 2022 KvK and increased their contributory points to 23 million kvk points. Then Duke Nacoya maxes out the solo rewards with Lady Mara 2 and Lady Acoma reaching over two million individual points a piece but alas all these personal triumphs were unable to avoid defeat in the December 2022 KvK of K57 against K287 (Image 4). Bit of a disappointment but with the New Year soon to be upon us all, K57 will persevere and rise again for 2023!

Image 4: Final 2022 KvK result for K57