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Alliance Conquest - Super League - Play offs - FDH vs N30

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 12/09/2022 09:58

It is round 4 of Season 13 Alliance Conquest Play offs and we have a match between FDH and N30. 

FDH were ranked number 2 and N30 were ranked at number 3 at the start of the play-offs so this should hopefully be a close and exciting match.

Let us have a look at the top power players in each alliance before we start.

We can also check out the debuff for this match and it is Winter Snow.

The timer is almost at zero and the racers are getting ready to run to the first four opening buildings.

Great attendance from both alliances in this highly anticipated match.

It is a good start for both sides.  N30 takes the enemy Outpost and also the Tower of the Warrior.  FDH is first to the Temple of the Mother and the enemy Outpost.

FDH are rallying straight away for the Temple of the Mother.

And Altisio secures it for them and now they are setting up rallies for their Outpost.

Some good opening pressure from FDH in the early stages of the match.

N30 are rallying for their Outpost now. Will they get the same result?

VeiN secures the Outpost for N30.

The Ports are about to open up. Runners are at the ready and the race is on.

It is a double take at the Ports for N30.  Good result for them and some nice first capture points as well.

Also successful swap outs at both Ports with Ur Nightmare taking over at the home Port and Tweety taking over at the enemy Port for N30.

N30 rallies for the enemy Outpost and takes it again.

FDH are rallying for the enemy Port but are not successful there Ur Nightmare holding on to it for N30.

Now we have Casterly Rock coming up, 1200 first capture points.  Who has the fastest racer this time?

FDH are rallying for Casterly Rock and they take it!  And the rallies continue for them and they also take back their Port.

Now N30 are rallying for the Temple of the Mother.

Success for N30 as they take over at the Temple of the Mother and now they can heal their troops.

They keep up the pressure on FDH and rally to try and take back Casterly Rock.

N30 takes Casterly Rock back and they also secure the Tower of the Warrior.

The Strongholds are open now and both alliances each take the other one's Stronghold.

FDH briefly takes the Tower of the Warrior again but they do not manage to hold it for long and N30 soon takes it back.

N30 keeps up the pressure on FDH and rallies for their Port again.

Tweety takes over the enemy Port for N30.

It is time for FDH to push back. They take the Temple of the Mother, the enemy Port and their Stronghold back.

N30 are pushing again and they take back their Stronghold and the Temple of the Mother.

FDH are rallying for Casterly Rock and they take it again.  They also rally for the enemy Port and secure that as well.

It is a real ding dong of a match , with buildings being taken over then rallied and taken back again! Both alliances are concentrating on securing the Strongholds and the Ports.

N30 is going for Casterly Rock again and they take it again!  

But they do not hold it for long.  FDH are rallying for the Rock and they manage to get it back under their control but they have lost their Port.

The rallies continue by both sides round the map with buildings changing and changing back again.

The Mines are about to open up and this is it. Whoever gets the Mines and holds them is probably going to win the match.

N30 takes both of the Mines, now then can they hold and fill them for the maximum draining of the points?

FDH manages to get their Mine but they do not hold it for long and N30 takes it back again.

The Mines are drained so it is the wait now for the final result.

A good win for N30 in what was a very exciting game from both alliances.

Let us have a look at some of the match statistics.