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Article Publish : 12/09/2022 04:38

The air was heavy and damp. The city was bustling with life preparing for festivities.

Castles City Siege eve was celebrated and everyone was ready for a long weekend of celebration.

From the lowly squire to the lord of the city, they all prepared to feast and sing.

The neighboring city was their rival, they always put on a better show, a better performance, trying to best one another.

In this night the gates were open, the lords captured paraded in front of the crowd for everyone's enjoyment. People mocked them and were throwing fruits at them, everyone was in a cheery mood.

The lords of the 2 castles, AinzDodo and AngelaDodo bot closed the doors to their palaces for the royal party.

"You're in charge of the city, don't interrupt me for anything", Angela said to her right hand.

"You have 144 million troops at your disposal, my husband has just as much, I'm sure you can keep us safe"

But unknow to anyone, the kingdom 106 already has foreigners lurking.

Travelers, fighter, sellswords, all tested men with battle experience.

They were here too for the festivities and they we're looking greedily at the 2 cities riches.

Without much preparation with moves repeated in hundreds of battles, the fighters set into position, laid out their war machines and started the siege on the two cities. They set their formation to bolster their own forces and reduce the moral of their targets

After a quick scouting party, they already knew what the had to do.

The first attack was swift and left the defenders stunned. Then the second and the third.

The siege on the neighboring city started as well.

The defenders were numerous and at first, the hand of the queen did not even pay attention to them.

"Let them try and test our warriors"

And the fighters did. They tested the defenders and found them lacking.

Each rally thundering down on the defenders bringing destruction and death.

The attacks kept coming and the number of defenders was dwindling. Morale was low and the garrison about to break.

The hand of the queen sent for the lords, but there was no reply.

Too busy with the festivities, AinzDodo and AngelaDodo did not reply.

The city was in flames, awaken in the confusion and roar of war.

What the servants failed to do, the invaders succeeded. They broke through the millions of soldiers and captured the queen

Now the focus was on inflicting as much damage as possible on the remaining city and the fighters succeeded, but they did not capture the lord.

For he awakened from his dizziness and ordered for the gates to be closed.

When the dust settled the air was still heavy from all the smoke but it was already morning and it became cooler.

The captured lords walked free, the invaders were still standing in front of the gates, but they had a smile on their face and merit in their pocket.

Almost nothing from the millions of defenders were left alive.

For now, the invaders would call this land their home.

Thank you for reading!

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