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Kingdom VS Kingdom - K197 faces off against K245!

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 12/08/2022 07:21

Hello guys and girls and welcome to another story about KvK!

This one is about little bit older kingdoms with bigger accounts and players!

We have for K197 KaM fighting.

While on the other side there are 3 alliances with active members,on first sight it looks like KaM is overmatched but lets see how will they compare versus other alliances in K245!

1 hour has already passed and K245 sent their rally leads into objectives to hold castles for them! We just came in and we were ready to take their Kings Landing on K245!

Will we able to do it,we got scout report,lets see!

There is almost 5 million bows inside of KL! Female setup is there also,will we be able to kick them out of Kings Landing?

But looks like they swaped rally leads as we were rallying,will it make diffrence?

Check out in video below >

After this we decided to visit them at Storms End,lets see if they're willing to take another rally or will they disband before it hits!

Storms End falls and they decide to pull out from other objectives also ! But we see guy from Dl9 alliance scout KL and he went into fervor,we don't wait a second and blockade him !

First rally hits hard!

Lets see if 2nd rally can make more amount of damage or even more? What do you think?

In total this player has lost over 300m power in one mistake! Do you think these rallies were good enough or not?

Moving further we went to sleep after this and when we woke up K245 wasn't really active!

We waited and waited and then their 2,1b player showed up from same alliance Dl9.He was soloing our smaller castles and his lord got capped! We quickly blockaded him and rallied him .

This player lost over 10m T4s in two rallies and solo where he lost his lord! ,he went down for 430 -470m power! Mistakes versus players that know what they are doing could be really costly! Always be careful and scout before soloing,because there are players who will be looking to cap your lord and rally you,just like we did to this guy,your castle without your lord isn't able to defend properly!

After this Spartan jumped since we got report of K245 Sunspear full cav! Lets see what kind of damage Spartan spears can make!

After this solo we went into Kings Landing wanting to pull away more with points!We held it some time then they decided to give it a go and test our defences!

It didn't go really well for them and after this everybody went to sleep because reset was only 2 hours away!

Like usually before I show final result I wanna do battle analysis ,you can check it down below :

As you can see on reports and action, Spartan was truly hero for K197 in this Kingdom versus Kingdom! Very nice display of skill and strategy!

Now for final report we have...

Clear victory for K197! Maybe it wasn't such a big diffrence but we weren't that active eather so we're happy with W!

Thanks for following another story guys,hopefully you liked it and see you in next one!