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Article Publish : 12/07/2022 01:13

At the start of the match this afternoon (16:00 server time) the 1st announcement appeared with a gift code and the information that it is valid for 3 hours. I used the gift code on one account and wanted to use it for another when the server time just went past 18:00 hours. According to my calculations and the announcement I should still have almost 1 hour to enter the gift code. Unfortunately, just after 18:00 hours (server time) I received a message that the gift code was no longer valid (expired)!

I'm not going to fuss over a few energy spheres here, but if it's announced to be valid for 3 hours, I wouldn't expect it to be invalid after 2 hours! Either announce that it is valid for 2 hours, or make sure it is valid until 19:00 hours!